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Meeting the Standard for tourism, hospitality and events

Meeting the standard for tourism, hospitality and events is a two-part process which involves external peer-review of assessment and calibration of academic standards. Meeting the Standard builds on the work of:

Peer review of assessment

Peers who are acknowledged discipline experts, review and report on the assessment methods and grading of students’ achievement of learning outcomes with reference to the tourism, hospitality and events (TH&E) Learning and Teaching Academic Standards. This collaborative process provides evidence that assessments and grading standards are appropriate and broadly comparable with those assessment practices occurring in other similar programs elsewhere. Participants from interested Chapter member institutions are invited to participate in this process annually.

For more see:

Please contact the CAUTHE Secretariat if you are interested in being involved in future peer-review of assessment activities.

Calibration of Academic Standards

Calibration of Academic Standards (CAS) is a multistage intervention in which external peer reviewers examine an assessment task and samples of student work against one or more of the threshold learning standard domains before, during and after a calibration workshop. CAUTHE offers Chapter member institutions participation in CAS workshops which are timed with the annual Conference and Mid-year meetings. The workshops aim to:

  • Reach a shared understanding of what it means to meet the minimum standard in a chosen domain
  • Generate a shared understanding about assessments and outcome standards in comparable units being taught in different institutions

The body of material collected from calibration workshops will form the basis of the review of the 2015 TH&E Learning and Teaching Academic Standards after five years. For more see:

Project team

The project team is comprised of invited participants from CAUTHE Chapter member institutions, many of whom were involved with the original Setting the Standard project.

Project Leaders

Project Manager

For more information or if you are interested in participating in Meeting the Standard for tourism, hospitality and events contact the CAUTHE Secretariat.