PhD, ECR and MCAs

Mentoring programme

We are delighted to introduce the CAUTHE Mentoring programme. It is designed to connect our PhD and ECR (completed a PhD within the past five years and have a teaching or research position) members with senior colleagues to establish a mutually beneficial long-term relationship, promoting career as well as personal development through connectivity and support.

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PhD and ECR Workshop

The Bill Faulkner PhD Scholar and Early Career Researcher workshop is held annually immediately prior to the CAUTHE conference. The full day workshop provides PhD scholars and ECRs (completed a PhD within the past five years and have a teaching or research position) the opportunity to develop relevant knowledge, skills, and expertise through their PhD journey and into the early stages of their career thereafter. The workshop is a great opportunity for up-coming researchers to network with fellow scholars and internationally recognised academics. Senior academics provide their own experience and insightful advice into strategic thinking and approaches for developing a successful long-term academic career. The 2022 workshop will be hosted by Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia on 7 February 2022.

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Mid-Career Academic Workshop

The Mid-Career Academic (MCA) workshop is held every two years immediately prior to the annual conference. The workshop provides MCAs (at least five years a post-PhD completion and have a non-entry-level teaching and/or research position) with strategic and practical advice on academic career development through one-to-one mentoring sessions and panel discussions with CAUTHE fellows and senior professors.

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CAUTHE PhD Scholar and Early Career Researcher Bursaries

The CAUTHE Executive invites applications for PhD student and Early Career Researcher (ECR) bursaries to support online or face to face attendance at the CAUTHE 2022 conference (7 – 9 February), to be hosted by Griffith University, Brisbane Australia.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Applicants must be enrolled or working at a CAUTHE Chapter or Affiliate member Institution; and
  • Be an individual Associate or Student CAUTHE member at the time of the application and conference, or join as an individual member at the time of application.
  • PhD scholars must be enrolled as a full- or part-time PhD student
  • ECRs must have completed their PhD within five years of the conference
  • Submit a full-refereed paper to the CAUTHE 2022 conference, with the applicant as the primary author (with the only acceptable co-authors for PhD bursaries being the author’s registered supervisors)

**Due dates extended** Full papers due on 14 November 2021 and application forms due on 15 November 2021.

Download 2022 PhD/ECR Bursary Application Form [pdf]

Download 2022 PhD/ECR Bursary Application Form [Word]

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Contact the PhD/ECR bursary representative, Naomi Dale for further information about bursaries.

PhD Virtual Wednesday Workshops

‘The PhD in unprecedented times’ Virtual Wednesday Workshops held in 2020 aimed to support current PhD students in their study progress during this challenging time. The workshops provided an opportunity to present research on an online interactive platform and receive constructive feedback from senior academics and your fellow students. Along with PhD presentations, the workshops featured senior academic presentations about PhD related topics based on the current situation.

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Mentoring & bursary coordinators

  • Dr Ina Reichenberger

    School of Management

    Victoria University of Wellington

  • Associate Professor Naomi Dale

    Faculty of Business, Government & Law

    University of Canberra