Associate membership is available to people who are lecturing, conducting research or scholarship, in administration or otherwise involved in tourism, hospitality or a related field.

Below are the current CAUTHE Associate Members.

  • Professor David Airey

    School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

    University of Surrey

  • Dr Richard Aquino

    UC Business School

    University of Canterbury

  • Dr Suwaree (Ann) Ashton

    National Institute of Development Administration

  • Professor Susanne Becken

    Griffith Institute for Tourism

    Griffith University

  • Dr David Beirman

    UTS Business School, Management Department

    University of Technology Sydney

  • Assoc Prof. Pierre Benckendorff

    UQ Graduate School

    The University Of Queensland

  • Assoc Prof. Anthony Brien

    Lincoln University

  • Dr. Robert Charles Capistrano

    School of Community Resources and Development

    Arizona State University

  • Dr. Leonie Cassidy

    College Of Business Law & Governance

    James Cook University

  • Assoc Prof. Mingming Cheng

    School Of Management and Marketing

    Curtin University

  • Dr Sandra Guisela Cherro Osorio

    Bachelor of Hospitality Management

    Melbourne Polytechnic

  • Associate Professor Naomi Dale

    Canberra Business School, Faculty of Business, Government & Law

    University of Canberra

  • Professor Sara Dolnicar

    UQ Business School

    University of Queensland

  • Dr. Joanna Fountain

    Tourism, Sport And Society

    Lincoln University

  • Dr Barry Fraser

    Griffith University

  • Associate Professor Elspeth Frew

    Dept of Management, Sport and Tourism

    La Trobe University

  • Ms. Zdenka Gabrielova

    Lecturer, Faculty of Higher Education

    William Angliss Institute

  • Associate Professor Romana Garma

    Victoria University Business School

    Victoria University

  • Dr. Maria Golubovskaya

    Business / Department Of Tourism, Sport And Hotel Management

    Griffith University

  • Dr Simone Grabowski

    Management Department, Uts Business School

    University of Technology Sydney

  • Ms. Melissa Harkins

    Workforce Development


  • Dr. Najmeh Hassanli


    University of Technology Sydney

  • Dr Wendy Hillman

    Social Sciences

    Central Queensland University

  • Professor Kirsten Holmes

    Faculty of Business and Law, Dean of Research

    Curtin University

  • Professor Sam Huang

    School of Business and Law

    Edith Cowan University

  • Emeritus Professor Leo Jago

    School of Hospitality & Tourism Management | Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

    University of Surrey

  • Dr. Yawei Jiang

    Department of Tourism, Sport, Hotel Management

    Griffith University

  • Mrs. Penny Jose



  • Dr Ulrike Erika Kachel

    Asia Pacific College Of Business And Law

    Charles Darwin University

  • Dr. Sho Kashiwagi

    Department of Cross-cultural Studies

    Kanagawa University

  • Professor Brian King

    Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences

    Texas A&M University, USA

  • Dr Eliza Kitchen

    College Of Humanities, Arts And Social Sciences

    Flinders University

  • Dr. Chris Krolikowski

    UniSA Business

    University of South Australia

  • Dr Truc Le

    Griffith University

  • Dr. Andrew LE


    International College Of Management Sydney

  • Dr. Mirrin Locke


    International College of Management Sydney

  • Associate Professor Leonie Lockstone-Binney

    Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management

    Griffith University

  • Dr Erwin Losekoot

    Stenden Hotel Management School

    NHL Stenden University

  • Associate Professor Judith Mair

    UQ Business School

    University of Queensland

  • Professor Oswin Maurer

    Faculty of Economics and Management

    Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

  • Professor Robert McKercher

    Business School

    University of Queenland

  • Mr Stephen Mears

    Doctoral Candidate

    University of Southern Queensland, Australia

  • Associate Professor Laurie Murphy

    Tropical Tourism Studies Group

    James Cook University

  • Mr. Glenn Murray

    Hospitality And International Tourism

    International College of Management, Sydney

  • Dr Hayato Nagai

    Faculty of Tourism

    Wakayama University

  • Dr. Leonardo Nogueira de Moraes

    Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

    The University of Melbourne

  • Dr. Lizette Olivier

    Business School

    University of Newcastle

  • Dr Faith Ong

    UQ Business School

    University of Queensland

  • Dr. Joanna Pearce

    School of Business and Law

    Edith Cowan University

  • Prof. Harvey Perkins

    School of Architecture and Planning

    The University of Auckland

  • Professor Christof Pforr

    Faculty of Business & Law | School of Management & Marketing

    Curtin University

  • Dr Rajka Presbury

    Hospitality and Business

    Torrens University, Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

  • Assoc Prof. Josephine Pryce

    College of Business, Law and Governance

    James Cook University

  • Dr Ina Reichenberger

    School of Management

    Victoria University of Wellington

  • Prof Dirk Reiser

    Society And Economics

    Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

  • Dr. Hiroki Sano

    Faculty of Business Administration

    Ritsumeikan University

  • Adjunct Prof. Noel Scott

    Sustainability Research Centre

    University of the Sunshine Coast

  • Dr. Lee Slaughter

    Business/ Tourism

    The University of Queensland

  • Dr Jennifer Small

    University of Technology Sydney

  • Professor Haiyan Song

    School of Hotel and Tourism Management

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • Mr. Jonathon Spring

    Independent Researcher

    Independent researcher

  • Dr. Aaron Tham

    School of Business and Creative Industries

    University of the Sunshine Coast

  • Dr Michelle Thompson

    College of Business

    Central Queensland University

  • Ms. Monica Torland

    Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade

    Tourism Northern Territory

  • Dr Oscar Vorobjovas-Pinta

    School of Social Sciences

    University of Tasmania

  • Emeritus Professor Betty Weiler

    Faculty of Business, Law & Arts

    Southern Cross University

  • Dr. Brian Weir

    Canberra Business School

    University of Canberra

  • Dr. Paul A. Whitelaw

    The Hotel School

    Southern Cross University

  • Professor Erica Wilson

    Academic Portfolio Office

    Southern Cross University

  • Dr. Ding Xu

    College of Business, Law and Governance

    James Cook University

  • Dr. Kate Yoo

    College of Foreign Studies

    Kansai Gaidai University

  • Assoc Prof. Chrystal Zhang

    Aerospace Engineering and Aviation, Stem College

    RMIT University

  • Ms. Xin Zhang

    School of Management

    University of South Australia