Workforce & employment

Focus and themes

The Workforce & employment (W&E) SIG creates a supportive Australasian community of experienced researchers, Early career researchers (ECRs), PhD scholars and industry affiliates, to enhance the visibility of, and channel research, advocacy and impact on, the tourism industries’ workforce. The W&E SIG seeks to inspire more colleagues to pursue TH&E workforce-related research and/or recognise how their research should be more cognisant of employment considerations.

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Key outcomes

Members will benefit from a network (and access to kindred networks) dedicated to the interests of tourism workforce and employment research and education. Members can access the W&E SIG LinkedIn group alerting them to the latest research in the space, to potential collaborative colleagues when commencing projects and/or planning funding applications for grants, policy developments and calls for submissions etc.

Proposed activities

The W&E SIG will be democratically guided by its membership in terms of priorities and activities. The SIG will at a minimum host a workshop at each annual CAUTHE Conference and coinciding with the CAUTHE Mid-year Meeting. Further potential activities include special workshops and symposia opportunely organised, particularly encouraging ECR, PhD scholar and industry/government participation, as will special issues/edited books, white paper submissions, industry forums etc.


  • Inaugural SIG meeting at CAUTHE 2024 Conference, Thursday 8 February, 4:00-5:30pm to include a welcome to the first meeting of the W&E SIG and a brainstorming session for SIG 2024 goals, networking opportunities, and potential seminars.

Founding coordinators

Dr Anna Kralj (Griffith University), Associate Professor Shelagh Mooney (Auckland University Technology), Associate Professor Richard Robinson and Professor David Solnet (The University of Queensland).

Date founded: 30 May 2023


  • Robinson, R.N.S., Dale, N., Richardson, S. & Solnet, D. et al., with Baum. T. (2022). Addressing Structural and Cultural Workforce Issues in the Visitor and Hospitality Economies, Submission to National Jobs Summit Employment White Paper, Brisbane: CAUTHE. View submission.

SIG Coordinators

Assoc Prof Anna Kralj

Griffith University

Associate Professor Shelagh Mooney

Auckland University Technology


Associate Professor Richard Robinson

The University of Queensland

Professor David Solnet

The University of Queensland