Iso-CHATS evolved in 2020 out of our isolated times coupled with our desire to stay globally connected. Iso-CHATS is ultimately about bringing together tourism researchers in a collaborative, co-creative and social space. The series will continue in 2021 monthly at 12:00 noon (Sydney time) on Fridays via Zoom (see dates below). To see upcoming speakers and to register for upcoming Iso-CHATS, please follow us on Facebook. Links to past Iso-CHATS recordings, insightful and topical, are available for download and will be progressively added below.

Our goal is to establish a cross-institutional online space where we can gather as colleagues and friends and share our research ideas (new, old, emerging) in a friendly and collegial way. Maybe you have a new idea you want to discuss, a more developed idea you would like feedback on, or a really developed idea making its way to journal article. It could be a seminar, a discussion, or a workshop – it can be as formal or informal as you like – you can choose how to run it in your 30 minutes of time.

We look forward to having you join us from around the world, and hope that you would like to present your research. Feel free to email one of us with a research idea and please spread the word! Looking forward to our CHATS!


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Iso-CHAT contacts

  • Associate Professor Tamara Young

    Newcastle Business School

    University of Newcastle

  • Associate Professor Anne Hardy

    School of Social Sciences

    University of Tasmania