Carer Support

CAUTHE offers Carer Support to assist CAUTHE members to attend the annual conference. The scheme is open to all CAUTHE individual members.

The aim of the scheme is to provide assistance to those who would like to attend the conference but have carer responsibilities or needs that result in an additional financial burden. The funding scheme will provide individual grants of up to a maximum of AU$500 each.

To be eligible for the scheme, applicants should:

  • Be an individual Student or Associate CAUTHE member;
  • Have a paper accepted by the conference reviewers as a full or working paper;
  • Provide a brief statement outlining your need for funding;
  • Be prepared to submit a brief report (to be kept confidential for Executive committee use only) within one month following the conference outlining how the grant facilitated your attendance, if your application is successful.

2020 CAUTHE Conference in Auckland

Submit a full or working paper electronically by the submission deadline at the CAUTHE 2020 conference website.

Please download and complete the application form below and submit the application to Committee member Dr Julia Albrecht by 30 November 2019.