Executive Committee

The Executive committee is appointed by the Board of Directors. The committee includes elected office-bearers and co-opted members from various institutions. Monthly meetings are held online and the committee reports formally to the Board of Directors at the Annual General and Mid-year Meetings.

Elected members

  • Chair – Professor Erica Wilson
  • First Vice Chair – Assoc Prof Tamara Young
  • Second Vice Chair – Dr Aaron Tham
  • Treasurer – Prof Naomi Dale
  • Secretary – Dr Anita Manfreda​


Professor Erica Wilson
Southern Cross University

First Vice-Chair

Assoc Prof Tamara Young
University of Newcastle

Second Vice-Chair

Dr Aaron Tham
University of the Sunshine Coast



Prof Naomi Dale
University of Canberra



Dr Anita Manfreda
Torrens University, Australia


Co-opted members

  • Conference Convenor – Professor Lisa Ruhanen | Assoc Prof Sheranne Fairley
  • Immediate Past Chair – Professor Kirsten Holmes
  • Immediate Past Conference Convenor – Assoc Prof Anne Hardy
  • PhD/ECR Liaison – Dr Anita Manfreda
  • PhD Student representative – Ms Michelle Whitmore | Mr Wei (Wally) Zhang
  • Journal and publications – Professor Marianna Sigala
  • Special Interest Group co-ordinator – Dr Wendy Hillman
  • Dr Richard Aquino
  • Dr Mireia Guix
  • Dr Ina Reichenberger
  • Professor Karen Smith
  • Assoc Prof Chrystal Zhang
  • Dr Richard S. Aquino

    UC Business School

    University of Canterbury

  • Associate Professor Anne Hardy

    School of Social Sciences

    University of Tasmania

  • Professor Lisa Ruhanen

    School of Business

    The University of Queensland

  • Mr Wei Zhang

    School of Social Sciences

    University of Tasmania

  • Dr Ina Reichenberger

    School of Management

    Victoria University of Wellington

  • Professor Karen Smith

    Victoria Management School

    Victoria University of Wellington

  • Professor Kirsten Holmes

    School of Management and Marketing

    Curtin University

  • Professor Marianna Sigala

    Newcastle Business School

    University of Newcastle

  • Dr Mireia Guix

    Business School

    The University of Queensland

  • Dr Wendy Hillman

    Institute for Health and Social Science Research

    Central Queensland University

  • Ms Michelle Whitmore

    Institute of Culture and Society

    Western Sydney University

  • Associate Professor Chrystal Zhang

    School of Engineering

    RMIT University

Other contacts

  • Public Officer – Dr Jennie Small
  • Secretariat – Mrs Penny Jose

Public Officer

Dr Jennie Small


Mrs Penny Jose