Past CAUTHE award winners and award criteria are described below:

  1. CAUTHE Award for Best Full Paper
  2. CAUTHE Award for Best Poster
  3. Bill Faulkner Award for Best PhD Scholar’s Paper
  4. PhD and ECR bursaries
  5. Fellows Award
  6. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management Awards

Past award winner testimonials

1.         CAUTHE Award for Best Full Paper

This award is open to all full papers submitted and accepted for the annual CAUTHE Conference. The award is for refereed papers submitted to the Conference Committee in full, by a date specified by the committee. A double-blind, peer reviewed selection process is used for conference papers. Referees are requested to nominate the best papers submitted to the conference. The nominated papers are judged by a sub-committee of the Conference Committee. The winner is presented with a certificate at the Annual Conference Dinner.

Selection Criteria

Topic – of relevance and importance to the wider field of tourism and hospitality research
Content – innovative, original and support a set of findings, implications and conclusions with significant potential and value
Choice and implementation of methodology – clearly explained by the author(s)
Writing style – accurate, clear, concise and readable

Previous Winners

2017 Associate Professor Pierre Benckendorff and Mengya Shu (Lavender), The University of Queensland, Playing the numbers: Research impact benchmarks for tourism, hospitality and events scholars

2016 Philip Pearce, James Cook University, Australia; Hera Oktadiana, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong and Zhe Wang, Shanghai International Studies University, China ‘How do I look?’ An ethological study of posing for the tourist photograph

2015 Professor Condrad Lashley, Stenden University of Applied Sciences, UK, Identifying and measuring hospitableness

2014 Girish Prayag, University of Canterbury, Spirituality and Tourism Impacts: The Ayahuasca Experience. Co-authors: Dr Paolo Mura, Prof Michael Hall and Julien Fontaine

2013 Kevin Moore, Lincoln University and Mark McNeill, AgResearch, Lincoln, The Research Interface Between Biosecurity and Tourist Behaviour

2012 Alana Harris, William Angliss Institute, Victoria, Preceding Factors in Joining a Social Network: The Case of Sunbird Caravanners in Northern Australia.

2011 Dianne Dredge, Southern Cross University; Pierre Benckendorff, University of Queensland; Michele Day, Southern Cross University; Michael J. Gross, University of South Australia; Maree Walo, Southern Cross University; Paul Weeks, Sydney Hotel School/Southern Cross University; Paul Whitelaw, Victoria University; Conceptualising the Perfect Blend in the Tourism and Hospitality Curriculum Space

2010 Karen Smith, University of Wellington, NZ and Kirsten Holmes, Curtin University, WA, Volunteers and tourism destination services: Challenging the limits of tourism volunteering research

2010 Additional sponsored awards

  • Demand, Consumer Behaviour and Marketing stream, sponsored by Tourism Research Australia: Hotel restaurant dining: the relationship between perceived value and intention to purchase, Ann Suwaree Ashton and Noel Scott, University of Queensland
  • Destination Management stream sponsored by UNSW: Volunteers and tourism destination services, Karen Smith, Victoria University of Wellington and Kirsten Holmes, Curtin University
  • The Ethics, Environment and Sustainability stream sponsored by Taylor and Francis: Identifying the ecotourist market using the core criteria of ecotourism: is there a true ecotourist that seeks nature, learning and sustainability? Narelle Beaumont, University of Southern Queensland
  • Tourism and Hospitality Education stream sponsored by Elsevier: Challenging undergraduate hospitality students – the use of debates as interactive teaching and assessment tools, Johan Edelheim, Southern Cross University
  • Heritage Tourism stream sponsored by UTAS Faculty of Business: World Heritage-themed souvenirs for Asian tourists: Asian modernity melds with Macau cultural heritage, Hilary du Cros, Institute For Tourism Studies, Macau
  • Combined Stream sponsored by the UTAS Faculty of Business: An integrated approach to research and innovation in food production, Svetlana Rodgers, University of Western Sydney
  • Best Curriculum Paper sponsored by the ALTC Curriculum Project: Indigenous Australia and Tourism Education: An exploratory analysis of Indigenous cultural content in undergraduate tourism curricula, Andrew Peters, Swinburne University of Technology
  • New Directions for Tourism and Hospitality Theory stream sponsored by John Wiley: Young women and their physical appearance on holiday, Jennie Small, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Sport and Event Tourism stream sponsored by UTAS Faculty of Business: Event governance: the rhetoric and reality of the World Rally Championship, Northern Rivers, NSW, Dianne Dredge, Emma-Jane Ford, Matt Lamont, Giang Phi, Michelle Whitford and Peter Wynn-Moylan, Southern Cross University

2009 Pierre Benckendorf, James Cook University, Queensland, Themes and trends in Australian and New Zealand tourism research: a social network analysis of citations in two leading journals (1994-2007).

2008 Associate Professor John Hall, V John Basarin and Dr Leonie Lockstone, Deakin University, Analysis of satisfaction at Gallipoli on Anzac Day, 2007: results of a survey of event participants.

2008 Scientific Committee Award for Research Information Exchange Presentation: Dr. Taketo Naoi, Okayama Shoka University, Japan, Applying the caption evaluation method to research historical districts as tourism destinations.

2008 Best Research Paper Reviewer: Dr Robert Mason, Victoria University, Australia

2007 David Solnet, University of Queensland, Employee-customer linkages: a social identification perspective in a hotel industry context.

2006 Tom Baum, University of Strathclyde, Reflections on the nature of skills in the experience economy: challenging traditional skills models in hospitality.

2005 Bruce Prideaux, James Cook University, Brian King, Victoria University and Larry Dwyer, University of New South Wales, Effect of unethical business practices on Australian Inbound Package Tourism.

2004 Dean Carson and Kim Adams, Southern Cross University, Strategic knowledge management in tourism: Effectiveness and constraints.

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2.         CAUTHE Award for Best Poster

2017 Dr Kim Williams, William Angliss Institute, Wine tourism in South Africa: a snapshot of human resource practices of cellar door management

Dr Emma Stewart, Johannes Welling, Stephen Espiner and Dr Jude Wilson, Lincoln University, Comparing motives of glacier tourists to Westland Tai Poutini National Park, New Zealand and Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

2016 Sandra Clark, Kenvale College, Australia for the poster titled Cafes, Cosmopolitanism and Red Tape

2015 Margarida Novais, Lisa Ruhanen and Charles Arcodia for the poster titled Tourism Destination Competitiveness: Proposing a Framework for Measurement

2014 Peter Knox, Griffith University, An exploratory study of dental tourism providers in Phuket

2014 Highly Commended Poster

  • Johanudin Bin Lahap, Barry O’Mahony, & John Dalrymple, Developing a service delivery improvement model for the Malaysian hotel sector

2013 Stan Tawa, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, NZ, Investigating the Culinary Authenticity of Hangi

2013 Highly Commended Posters

  • Kim Williams and Jennifer Laing, La Trobe University, Fashion, The Synergy Between Millinery and Horse Racing
  • Paul Hamilton, Christchurch Polytech Institute of Technology, Margarine Sculptures: Historical Oddity or an Awesome Way of adding Value to the Customer Dining Experience
  • Emma Stewart, Jackie Dawson and Margaret Johnston, Lincoln University, Putting Research Into Action to Manage Risks and Opportunities Associated with Cruise Tourism in Arctic Canada

2012 Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong, University of Wollongong, Was I born to shop? A comparison between Korean and Australia Tourists in Thailand, co-authored with Kenneth E Miller, University of Technology, Sydney.

3.          Bill Faulkner Memorial Award for Best PhD Scholar’s Paper

Bill Faulkner (1945-2002), Professor of Tourism at Griffith University and Deputy CEO of Australian’s Centre of Co-operative Research in Sustainable Tourism, was widely know internationally for his publications in many research journals and many contributions at conferences. In Australia he was generally and deservedly regarded as the country’s most prominent leader of research on tourism. Professor Faulkner was instrumental in the formation of CAUTHE and the development of its annual conference into one of the foremost international tourism and hospitality research conferences.

CAUTHE proudly offers this scholar’s award in memory of Professor Faulkner. The award was introduced at the 2002 Annual Conference in Fremantle to honour his memory and recognise the influence his work. In addition to the selection criteria outlined above for the CAUTHE Best Full paper, the PhD Best paper has to be a full refereed paper with the student as the primary author and the only acceptable co-authors being the author’s registered supervisors. The winning scholar is presented a certificate at the Annual Conference Dinner.

Previous Winners

2017 Ambrozio Correa de Queiroz Neto, Griffith University, Re-thinking destination competitiveness: The investigation of customer value in scuba diving tourism

2016 Elaine Chiao Ling Yang, Griffith University, Australia  ‘Are You Crazy?’: Exploring the Risk Perceptions of Asian Solo Female Travellers, co-authored by supervisor(s) Dr Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore, Griffith University, Australia and Associate Professor Charles Arcodia, Griffith University, Australia.

2015 Jane Godfrey, University of Technology, Sydney for paper titled Neo-colonialism and the volunteer tourist gaze: commercial volunteer tourism in Cusco, Peru co-authored by supervisors Stephen Wearing and Nico Schulenkorf

2014  Allison Anderson, James Cook University, Integrated mega-resorts: The clash between public interest and neoliberalism, co-authored by supervisor Prof Bruce Prideaux.

2013  Debbie Hopkins, University of Otago, Social Perceptions of Climate Change in Queenstown’s Ski Industry: A Framework of Contextual Vulnerability

2013 Highly Commended paper

  • Jessica Taplin, Southern Cross University, Programme Monitoring and Evaluation in Volunteer Tourism: Towards a critical approach co-authored and supervised by Dianne Dredge and Pascal Scherrer, Southern Cross University

2013 CAUTHE Best PhD Scholar paper

  • Serli Wijaya, Victoria University, International visitor encounters with local food: a preliminary conceptual framework co-authored and supervised by Brian King and Thu-Houng Nguyen, VU

2012 Michelle Thompson, James Cook University, Segmenting visitors to Tropical North Queensland by Travel Motives, co-authored and supervised by Professor Bruce Prideaux

2011 Richard N.S. Robinson, University of Queensland, ‘Blending’ Social Constructionism and Labour Mobility

2010 Ann Surawaree Ashton, University of Queensland, Hotel restaurant dining: the relationship between perceived value and intention to purchase by Ann Suwaree Ashton and Noel Scott, University of Queensland

2009 Michael Shone, Lincoln University, NZ, Changing paradigms: the case of tourism and development in the Hurunui District, New Zealand

2008 Naomi Pocock, University of Waikato, Roof, relationships, roots: A hermeneutical understanding of why returnees from long-term travel may be considered homeless

2007 Michael Gross, University of South Australia, Tourists and places: an empirical structural model.

2006 Anne Eastgate, Griffith University, The Development of a Generic Tourism Benefits Scale

2006 Meredith Lawrence, Southern Cross University. MGS Architects Award for best PhD paper on sustainability, Urban or tourism development? An analysis of stakeholder involvement in tourism development processes and policy in Byron Bay

2005 Ian Knowd, University of Western Sydney, Tourism as panacea: Exploring the role of tourism in non-tourism development agendas

2004 Aggie Wegner, Murdoch University

2003 Lisa Beesley, Griffith University

2002 Christof Pforr, Curtin University of Technology

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4.       PhD and ECR Bursaries

CAUTHE offers bursaries as a benefit to Chapter and individual members, and to encourage membership and the submission of full refereed papers for the annual conference. The bursaries were first offered in 2011 to cover travel and accommodation expenses. The winners are presented a certificate at the Annual Conference Dinner.

Early Career Researcher Bursaries

2017 Faith Ong, William Angliss Institute, Akrasia and effective altruism – A philosophical reflection on volunteer tourism

2012 Elisa Backer, University of Ballarat, Partial Industrialisation in Tourism: Modelling Ballarat

2011 Dr Matthew Lamont, Southern Cross University, Splitting the peleton: Segmenting attendees at a participatory cycling event using recreation specialization

PhD Scholar Bursaries

Past PhD bursary winner testimonials


  • Ambrozio Queiroz Neto, Griffith Institute for Tourism, Re-thinking destination competitiveness: The investigation of customer value in scuba diving tourism
  • Hongxia Qi, Victoria University of Wellington, A cross-cultural auto-ethnography of the event volunteering experience
  • Phoebe Everingham, Newcastle University, I’m Not Looking For A Manufactured Experience”: Diversity Of Motivations In Volunteer Tourism


  • Keji Huang, James Cook University, Australia Insights About the Commercialisation of Religious Tourism: Four Great Buddhist Mountains in China
  • Laura Lesar, Griffith University, Australia A Decade in the Dark: An Updated Quality Control Tool Framework for Customised Sustainable Tourism Practice
  • Hafez Mansour, Curtin University, Australia How Libyan Tourism Firms Develop Dynamic Capabilities in Response to the Arab Spring Crisis
  • Sulistyo Utomo, Griffith Institute for Tourism, Australia Hajj: The Review of the Literature
  • Donna Kelly, University of Queensland, AustraliaThe impact of tourism leveraging strategies on regional events (Tourism & Transport Research Scholarship)
  • Elaine Chiao Ling Yang, Griffith University, Australia  ‘Are You Crazy?’: Exploring the Risk Perceptions of Asian Solo Female Travellers (Tourism & Transport Research Scholarship)


  • Allison Anderson, James Cook University, Australia The place, polity and power elements of context in destination development
  • Jane Godfrey, University of Technology, Sydney Australia Neo-colonialism and the volunteer tourist gaze: commercial volunteer tourism in Cusco, Peru
  • Mizuki Yamasaki, University of Tasmania, Australia Understanding the spectrum of soft and hard ecotourists
  • Mohammad Yousuf, Federation University, Australia The evolution of visiting friends and relatives (VFR) travel research: a content analysis


  • i-Ling Chen, University of Queensland, An Exploration to Mindfulness Theories in Eastern and Western Philosophy
  • Simone Grabowski, University of Technology, Sydney, Acculturation experiences of young volunteer tourists: Transition and self-understanding
  • Madeleine McWha, La Trobe University, Contemporary travel writing: a snapshot of current tourism themes in travel magazine articles
  • Faith Ong, Victoria University, Volunteer tourism programs: A stakeholder matrix


  • FuChieh Hsu, University of Queensland, Understanding Tourists’ Purchase Intention Towards Traditional Taiwanese Food: The Role of Sensation Seeking
  • Debbie Hopkins, University of Otago, Social Perceptions of Climate Change in Queenstown’s Ski Industry: A Framework of Contextual Vulnerability
  • Mucha Mkono, Southern Cross University, for her paper titled Netnography in Qualitative Tourism Research

2012 Michelle Thompson, James Cook University, Segmenting visitors to Tropical North Queensland by Travel Motives


  • Jie Wang, University of Queensland, Are organisations prepared for crisis? An evaluation of crisis planning in the accommodation industry in Australia
  • Monica Torland, Southern Cross University, Adventure Tour Leaders – A Brilliant Blend of Identities?

5.         Fellows Award

The CAUTHE Fellows Award is given each year to an academic from Australia or New Zealand who is seen to have made the greatest contribution to Australasian tourism, hospitality and/or event education and/or research from those who have been nominated. The Award is presented at the CAUTHE conference dinner.

Past Fellows Award Winners for Contribution to Tourism, Hospitality and Events Education and Research

2017 Dr Gabby Walters, The University of Queensland

  • 2017 Commendation: Dr Tamara Young, University of Newcastle

2016 Dr Karen Hughes, The University of Queensland, Australia

2015 Joint winners

  • Dr Jennie Small, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Dr Matthew Lamont, Southern Cross University

2014 Dr Elisa Backer, Federation University, Australia

2013 Joint winners

  • Dr Freya Higgins-Desbiolles, University of South Australia
  • Dr Erica Wilson, Southern Cross University, Queensland

2012 Dr Glen Croy, Monash University, Victoria

  • 2012 Commendation: Dr Warwick Frost, La Trobe University, Victoria

2011 Dr Deborah Edwards, University of Technology, Sydney

2010 Dr Lisa Ruhanen, University of Queensland

2010 Joint winners

  • Dr Jennifer Laing, Monash University
  • Dr Leonie Lockstone, Victoria University

2009 Dr Pierre Benckendorff, James Cook University

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