PhD and ECR Bursaries

CAUTHE offers bursaries to support attendance at the annual conference. Applicants must submit a full refereed paper and statement outlining the need for funding. The winners are presented a certificate at the conference.

Early Career Researcher Bursaries

2024 Dr Li Xie-Carson, The University of Queensland, for paper titled: Insta-fame or Insta-flop? The pitfalls of using virtual influencers in tourism marketing


  • Dr Phoebe Everinghamm, University of Newcastle, Building regenerative futures: A more-than-tourism agenda for post COVID-19 recovery
  • Dr Lizette Olivier, University of Newcastle, Towards a conceptual model of perceived value in hallmark events in a ‘post-COVID-19’ marketplace

2018 Dr Michael Volgger, Curtin University, Smartly reconfiguring a tourism destination: Learnings from an innovation case

2017 Dr Faith Ong, William Angliss Institute, Akrasia and effective altruism – A philosophical reflection on volunteer tourism

2012 Dr Elisa Backer, University of Ballarat, Partial Industrialisation in Tourism: Modelling Ballarat

2011 Dr Matthew Lamont, Southern Cross University, Splitting the peleton: Segmenting attendees at a participatory cycling event using recreation specialization

PhD Scholar Bursaries

2024 Kyrie Eleison Munoz, The University of Queensland, for paper titled: A systematic review and research agenda on tourism workforce in the Global South

2022 Ms Sabiha Matin, University of Newcastle, The elephant in the room: Business event organiser’s insights and the challenges of virtual platforms


  • Nguyen Van Huy, Murdoch University, Kinh and Ethnic Stakeholder Perspectives of Tourism Development in Sapa, Vietnam; a Social Exchange Theory Approach
  • Joann Schmider, Central Queensland University, Giving agency to local Indigenous cultural knowledge as an Australian tourism product


  • Jing (Lydia) Li, James Cook University, New connections from being disconnected; digital free tourism and rewarding experiences
  • Hongbing (Thomas) Zhu, Griffith University, Experience value creation in tourism: A systematic quantitative literature review and agenda for future research 

Special bursaries:

  • Montira Intason, University of Otago New Zealand, The interplay between authenticity and commercialization in cultural festivals
  • Thi Quynh Trang Nguyen, University of Newcastle, Tourismscapes for sustainable development: A case study in Da Nang, Vietnam


  • Richard S Aquino, Auckland University of Technology, Tourism social entrepreneurship for sustainable community development: Review and conceptual framework
  • Sarath Munasinghe, Auckland University of Technology, Hospitality from a hostguest encounter perspective: A triadic approach to understanding hospitality in tourism
  • Kim Nelson, Charles Sturt University, The storied self in tourism spaces: Qualitative narrative methodology as a framework for understanding self-identity in Niseko, Japan
  • Dung Le, Griffith University, Creating dreams and fantasy: The state-of-theart review of imagery research


  • Ambrozio Queiroz Neto, Griffith Institute for Tourism, Re-thinking destination competitiveness: The investigation of customer value in scuba diving tourism
  • Hongxia Qi, Victoria University of Wellington, A cross-cultural auto-ethnography of the event volunteering experience
  • Phoebe Everingham, Newcastle University, I’m Not Looking For A Manufactured Experience”: Diversity Of Motivations In Volunteer Tourism


  • Keji Huang, James Cook University, Australia Insights About the Commercialisation of Religious Tourism: Four Great Buddhist Mountains in China
  • Laura Lesar, Griffith University, Australia A Decade in the Dark: An Updated Quality Control Tool Framework for Customised Sustainable Tourism Practice
  • Hafez Mansour, Curtin University, Australia How Libyan Tourism Firms Develop Dynamic Capabilities in Response to the Arab Spring Crisis
  • Sulistyo Utomo, Griffith Institute for Tourism, Australia Hajj: The Review of the Literature
  • Donna Kelly, University of Queensland, AustraliaThe impact of tourism leveraging strategies on regional events (Tourism & Transport Research Scholarship)
  • Elaine Chiao Ling Yang, Griffith University, Australia  ‘Are You Crazy?’: Exploring the Risk Perceptions of Asian Solo Female Travellers (Tourism & Transport Research Scholarship)


  • Allison Anderson, James Cook University, Australia The place, polity and power elements of context in destination development
  • Jane Godfrey, University of Technology, Sydney Australia Neo-colonialism and the volunteer tourist gaze: commercial volunteer tourism in Cusco, Peru
  • Mizuki Yamasaki, University of Tasmania, Australia Understanding the spectrum of soft and hard ecotourists
  • Mohammad Yousuf, Federation University, Australia The evolution of visiting friends and relatives (VFR) travel research: a content analysis


  • i-Ling Chen, University of Queensland, An Exploration to Mindfulness Theories in Eastern and Western Philosophy
  • Simone Grabowski, University of Technology, Sydney, Acculturation experiences of young volunteer tourists: Transition and self-understanding
  • Madeleine McWha, La Trobe University, Contemporary travel writing: a snapshot of current tourism themes in travel magazine articles
  • Faith Ong, Victoria University, Volunteer tourism programs: A stakeholder matrix


  • FuChieh Hsu, University of Queensland, Understanding Tourists’ Purchase Intention Towards Traditional Taiwanese Food: The Role of Sensation Seeking
  • Debbie Hopkins, University of Otago, Social Perceptions of Climate Change in Queenstown’s Ski Industry: A Framework of Contextual Vulnerability
  • Mucha Mkono, Southern Cross University, for her paper titled Netnography in Qualitative Tourism Research

2012 Michelle Thompson, James Cook University, Segmenting visitors to Tropical North Queensland by Travel Motives


  • Jie Wang, University of Queensland, Are organisations prepared for crisis? An evaluation of crisis planning in the accommodation industry in Australia
  • Monica Torland, Southern Cross University, Adventure Tour Leaders – A Brilliant Blend of Identities?

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