Hospitality & Society Award

The Hospitality & Society Award is open to all full hospitality papers submitted and accepted for the annual conference. The award is for refereed papers submitted to the Conference Committee in full, by a date specified by the committee. The nominated papers are judged by a sub-committee of Hospitality & Society. The winner is presented with a certificate at the Annual Conference Dinner. Short-listed submissions may be invited to submit to Hospitality & Society for possible publication, subject to the journal’s review processes.

Selection Criteria


Topic – of relevance and importance to the wider field of tourism and hospitality research
Content – innovative, original and support a set of findings, implications and conclusions with significant potential and value
Choice and implementation of methodology – clearly explained by the author(s)
Writing style – accurate, clear, concise and readable


Focus – particularly welcome are philosophical and sociological critiques of hospitality as principle as well as practice (e.g. host/guest relations). Context can be tourism, events or even domestic domains, but mobilising ‘hospitality’ (hospitableness, hospitality, hospitable, hospitalitarian etc) conceptually.

Previous Winners

2024 Dr Tyler Riordan and Associate Professors Richard Robinson and Gerhard Hoffstaedter, The University of Queensland, Hospitality at the human-digital frontier: A mediated model and a new domain

2023 Associate Professor Amir Shani, Anna Sandler and Shahar Shilo, Bengurion University of the Negev, Home-Based Commercial Hospitality – Hosts’ Perspective

2022 Dr Elaine Chiao Ling Yang, Assoc Prof Catheryn Khoo and Jess Sanggyeong Je, Griffith University, Gender Equality Initiatives and Implementation: A Qualitative Study of the Perception of Hospitality Leaders in Multinational Hotels

2021 Juan (Annie) Yang, Griffith University, Destination Australia: To study or not to study?

2020 Ann Cameron, Whitireia New Zealand, History and hospitality – philosophical musings on the interaction of historiography and paradigm

2019 Brian Hay, Heriot-Watt University, The campus hotel: Commercial hospitality space on a UK public university and some insights for Australian universities

2018 Freya Higgins-Desbiolles, University of South Australia, The walled off: The paradoxes and promises of Banksy’s hotel in Palestine

2017 Ann Cameron, Whitireia New Zealand, Genial hosts and charming rogues – hotel proprietors in New Zealand 1890 – 1900

2014 Brian Hay, Heriot-Watt University, Checking out: Hotels as places for the end of life