2021 Case Studies Springer book project winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2020 Case Studies Springer book project.

Best case study

Sustainable Tourism And Public Opinion: Examining The Language Surrounding The Closure Of Uluru To Climbers
Bridget Tombleson and Katharina Wolf, Curtin University, Australia


The decision to cease the climbing of one of Australia’s major tourist attractions, the UNESCO World Heritage site Uluru, on 26th October 2019, has attracted much controversy, debate and worldwide attention.  This case study explores traditional media commentary and reporting as well as social media discussions in the lead up to the closure of the climb. Drawing on framing theory, three key frames emerge that illustrate the opposing perspectives on the role of destination tourism. Through the economic lens, UNESCO World Heritage attractions like the Uluru climb perform a crucial role in supporting a country’s economy. As a national treasure, the rock should be freely accessible to all Australians (entitlement frame). However, the inclusive sustainability worldview considers a site’s history, contemporary relationship with the (local) community and potential for future generations. This case highlights issues in change management processes with regards to access to heritage sites. Insights into the narrative in the lead up to the closure of the climb enable readers to explore the complexities surrounding the desire to shift towards a more sustainable tourism model.

Highly commended

A Day In The Life Of Guest Experience Stagers: The Saffire Freycinet Experience
Anita Manfreda, Torrens University Australia and Justin King, Vomo Island Fiji


This case study illustrates a day in the life of hosts and guests at Saffire Freycinet, a luxury lodge in Tasmania, Australia. It highlights key aspects in the co-creation and management of high quality accommodation experiences in a luxury lodge. The case study allows students to reflect on and apply the concepts of guest experience, experience quality, staging, management and co-creation of luxury accommodation experiences.

Pending publication: Sigala, M., Yeark, A., Presbury, R., Fang, M. & Smith, K. (2021). Case Based Research in Tourism, Travel, Hospitality and Events. Springer Verlag

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