JHTM 2022 Best Papers & Reviewers Awards

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The Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management  (JHTM) runs its annual awards in order to recognise and motivate high quality achievement in published research as well as to appreciate the efforts of its reviewers to provide constructive and quality feedback to authors and simultaneously, contribute to maintaining and boosting the quality of JHTM.

The JHTM is now ranked as a leading tourism and hospitality journal (SSCI impact factor of 7.629, an A rating in the ABDC list). The JHTM wishes to thank everyone contributing to its success as well as to recognise exemplar and outstanding performance of authors and reviewers alike.

The editorial team of JHTM is pleased to announce the winners of the Best Papers and Reviewer Awards for 2022. The winners were officially announced during the annual CAUTHE 2023 Conference at Fremantle, Western Australia. Subsequently, the winners receive international promotion, while scholars have the opportunity to read their research for free for limited time (free access until 18 April 2023).

Best Paper Awards

The three award-winning papers have already made a significant impact on the field of tourism and hospitality research. The editorial team of the JHTM has selected these papers based on: a quantitative analysis (including usage statistics and Scopus citation counts of the published papers); and a qualitative assessment of the papers’ contribution to the research field.

The winning article for the 2022 Best Paper Award is:

Chuah, S. H. W., Sujanto, R. Y., Sulistiawan, J., & Aw, E. C. X. (2022). What is holding customers back? Assessing the moderating roles of personal and social norms on CSR’S routes to Airbnb repurchase intention in the COVID-19 era. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management50, 67-82.

The following two papers have been selected for the 2021 Highly Commended Award:

Wan, Y. K. P., Li, X., Lau, V. M. C., & Dioko, L. D. (2022). Destination governance in times of crisis and the role of public-private partnerships in tourism recovery from Covid-19: The case of Macao. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management51, 218-228

Horng, J. S., Liu, C. H., Chou, S. F., Yu, T. Y., & Hu, D. C. (2022). Role of big data capabilities in enhancing competitive advantage and performance in the hospitality sector: Knowledge-based dynamic capabilities viewJournal of Hospitality and Tourism Management51, 22-38

Top Reviewer Awards

The editorial team of JHTM is grateful to all individuals who have reviewed for the journal in 2022.

From those individuals, the JHTM editorial team has selected three reviewers to receive the JHTM 2022 Top Reviewer Award. This decision has been based both on the number and speed of the reviews, as well as the quality of the reviews provided by these individuals. As JHTM continues to receive an increasing number of submissions, it is no surprising that we need and use more reviewers. In this context, we need to recognise the efforts by many more individuals providing their valuable time to review for the JHTM

The recipients of the 2022 Best Reviewer Award are:

  • Jun Wen, Edith Cowan University, Australia
  • Yang Shaohua, Anhui University of Technology
  • Al-Ansi Amr, Macau University of Science and Technology

Congratulations to all the award-winning authors and reviewers! Their international profile also reflects the internationalisation and openness of the JHTM.

Sincere thanks to all the authors, reviewers, editorial board members, and JHTM community for your ongoing strong support.

Marianna Sigala
Editor-In-Chief Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management