2022 Mid-Year Fellows’ Panel discussion

The CAUTHE Fellows are pleased to present a panel discussion from 9:30 – 11:00 on Friday 29 July at the Southern Cross University, Gold Coast in conjunction with the CAUTHE Mid-Year meeting. The panel will discuss Building Researcher Identity of PhD Students and ECRs.

Chair: Prof Betty Weiler, Emeritus Professor, Southern Cross University


  • Prof Kirsten Holmes, Curtin University
  • Prof Judith Mair, The University of Queensland
  • Prof Bob McKercher, The University of Queensland
  • Prof Noel Scott, University of the Sunshine Coast

The session will cover issues around building a researcher identity or finding a niche in academia (and other career pathways). Issues to be discussed may include:

  • publication planning (is it better to find a niche by specialising on a research theme/methodology, or to work on multiple research themes/methods?);
  • career planning and how it builds researcher identity, and/or how one’s researcher identity could help establish career trajectories (e.g., if one stays in academia, consultancy, and other pathways);
  • grant writing (writing successful grant applications during and after PhD, and advice on how to make this congruent with one’s projected researcher identity); and
  • pitfalls to avoid (general advice/tips from the Fellows; what they wish they knew when they were PhD students/ECRs, in relation to building their identities as researchers).

For more information and to register please follow the links at CAUTHE 2022 Mid-Year meeting.