The Australian: Research Top 250 Leaders


Congratulations to CAUTHE members who were listed in The Australia’s research supplement recently. The list included two CAUTHE fellows, Prof Noel Scott as the field leader in T&H research in Australia and Prof Sara Dolnicar as one of five lifetime achievers in business, economics and law research. Two Early Career Researchers were listed as Rising Stars on the Early Achievers Leaderboard, Jun Wen ECU and Danni Zheng, The University of Queensland. More details below.

Lifetime Achievers Leaderboard

This leaderboard lists the five top researchers from Australian universities and research institutions in each of the eight major discipline areas.

  • Business, Economics & Management | Sara Dolnicar

Australia’s research field leaders

These 16 scholars are Australia’s leading researchers in business, economics and management, one selected from each of the 16 fields in this discipline.

  • Field Tourism & Hospitality | Noel Scott, USC, Lead Institution: Griffith

Early Achievers Leaderboard

Rising Stars. The Early Achievers Leaderboard lists the five top researchers from Australian universities and research institutions in each of the eight major discipline areas, who are less than 10 years into their career.  Business, Economics & Management:

  • Jun Wen – Tourism and Hospitality. At Edith Cowan University, his research interests include the  nexus between tourism in China, New Zealand andAustralia
  • Danni Zheng – Tourism and Hospitality. At the University of Queensland, her research includes the  attitudes of residents at tourism destinations.