The 2nd Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management (JHTM) Paper Hackathon

The 2nd Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management (JHTM) Paper Hackathon took place during the 5th World Research Summit for Hospitality and Tourism at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, Orlando, USA. Following the great success of the first Hackathon initiated by the JHTM in 2018, this Hackathon has raised standards even further. The Hackathon was attended by more than 40 participants coming from all over the globe and representing many disciplinary areas.

Participants had three days to network and forms teams amongst each other with the task to initiate a new collaboration and develop a paper-a-thon. During the Hackathon, the teams worked under the mentorship of prominent tourism scholars (including Professors Xander Lub and Fevzi Okumus) and they have received constructive and valuable guidance and research directions for their research proposals. On the last day, five teams presented their research proposal and received feedback on how to progress it further. They have also been granted the opportunity to submit their completed study papers for a fast-tracked review process and a possible publication at the JHTM (submission to be completed within 2020).

Teams included a combination of matured and early researchers from various institutions and disciplines, which in turn confirmed the impact of the Hackathon in terms of bringing people together to share, integrate and synergise their resources for building long lasting collaborations. The following research studies were developed and presented during the Hackathon:

  • A study on circular economy and sustainable value creation in tourism and hospitality, presented by: Boy Bayu Idisondjaja (Universitas Indonesia and PPM School of Management / Indonesia), K .Thirumaran (Head of Academic Group, Business IT & Science / James Cook University Singapore), Mercedes Carreño (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos & CENP / Spain), Snigdha Singh (Assistant Professor / Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow/India), Vanita Patil Gaude (Associate professor / Government college of Arts, Science  & Commerce Sanquelim-Goa / India)
  • A study about the concept and impacts of swan event sin tourism presented by: Kersten Bremser, Villi Abraham, Maria Moreno, Cote Moreno Martin, Mercedes Carreno, Lynda Crowley-Cyr and Lisa-ann Gershwin
  • A study on the impact of life-threatening jellyfish risks upon a tourist’s destination choices presented by: Lynda Crowley-Cyr (University of Southern Queensland), Mercedes Carreño (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain), Dr. Kerstin Bremser (Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany), Dr Lisa-Ann Gershwin (Australian Marine Stinger Advisory Services, and The Jellyfish App, Australia), Cote Moreno Martin (PhD student, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Escuela Universitaria Felipe Moreno), Dr. Villy Abraham (Department of Technological Marketing, Sapir Academic College, Israel)
  • A case study on Innov@ccor exploring empployees’ knowledge management within international hotel chanis presented by Mohamed Hawela (Birmingham City University Business School)
  • A study on the exploring price elasticity for hotel investment and pricing decisions presented by Xuan Tran (University of West Florida)

Participants found the Hackathon to be a great opportunity to:

  • network and learn with others for enhancing their research and publication skills
  • build new friendships and collaborations; receive excellent mentor support and guidance
  • have fun and a productive time during the conference.

I would like to thank all the presenters and participants, as well as the esteemed mentors that volunteered to guide and support the research teams.

JHTM is committed to continue supporting tourism and hospitality scholars in developing their research and publications skills. The organisation of research Hackathons is only a part of this commitment. A 3rd JHTM paper Hackathon is currently being planned. Please follow us and watch this space for announcements coming soon.

Professor Marianna Sigala, University of South Australia
Editor-in-Chief JHTM