Virtual Wednesday Workshops


Virtual Wednesday Workshops with the theme ‘The PhD in unprecedented times’ aims to support current PhD Scholars in their study progress during this challenging COVID-19 period. The workshops provide scholars an opportunity to present their research on an online interactive platform and receive constructive feedback from senior academics and fellow students. Along with PhD presentations, the workshops will feature senior academic presentations about PhD related topics based on the current situation.


The first series is now complete and registrations are closed. Recordings from past sessions are available below.


Five one-hour virtual workshops held fortnightly from 12-1pm (AEST) starting on 15 July. Each online session will feature two PhD Scholars providing a short (6-8 min) presentation, followed by Q&A and feedback up to 15 mins each. This will be followed by Senior Academic/s providing a short presentation followed by Q&A up to 30 mins.

Past Session Recordings

Session #1 – 15 July 2020

Facilitator: Dr Ina Reichenberger (University of Victoria Wellington)

  • Nadin Almdani (Victoria University) | Impact of motivations experience quality and perceived value of online reviews on tourist intention to visit
  • Garry O’Dell (University of Newcastle) | Dollars, discomfort and my rules: An activity theory interpretation of events regulation in the NSW Hunter Valley
  • Well-being and resilience | Assoc Prof Judith Mair (The University of Queensland) | Dr Michael Hughes (Murdoch University)

Download Session #1 recording

Session #2 – 29 July 2020

Facilitator: Dr Wendy Hillman (Central Queensland University)

Download Session #2 recording

Session # 3 – 12 August 2020

Facilitator: Anastasia Yeark (Kaplan Business School)

  • Sabiha Matin (The University of Newcastle) | Examining factors affecting destination image and behaviour intentions in periodic hallmark business events
  • Gaelle Hugues Gregoire Joson (Victoria University) | Measuring and assessing the socio-cultural, environmental and economic impacts of hot springs on regional development in Australia
  • Becoming reviewers for journals / Kindness campaign: editors from tourism academic journals to give some advice on how to get involved in editorial work effectively. Dr Edmund Goh (Edith Cowan University) | Yawei Jiang (The University of Queensland)

Download Session #3 recording

Session #4 – 26 August 2020

Facilitator: Prof Erica Wilson (Southern Cross University)

  • Rafiah Almathami (The University of Queensland) | Women’s empowerment: exploring the challenges and opportunities for women working within the tourism and entertainment industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Tien Bich Ma (Victoria University) | Redesign research methodology to exploring residents’ attitudes and behaviour intention support for cruise tourism
  • Methodology (qualitative, quantitative, mix) | Prof Sara Dolnicar (The University of Queensland) | Prof Noel Scott (University of the Sunshine Coast)

Download Session #4 recording

Session #5 – 9 September 2020

Facilitator: Dr Julia Albrecht (Otago University)

  • Thi Bich Van Luu (Victoria University) | Emotional contagion in tourism experiences: Scale development and testing
  • Chujun Wang (Hokkaido University) | Patriotic education in new era and newly constructed ‘ancient towns’ in China
  • Increasing employability through teaching practice | Prof Karen Smith (University of Victoria Wellington) | Dr Naomi Dale (University of Canberra)

Download Session #5 recording

PhD Scholar Presentations

The first series has now been completed. If you would like to be considered for a potential second round of workshops, please complete the  Presentation proposal form and we will get back to you. Please provide max 400 words. A brief description of the context, problem and/or issue that the presentation will address. A brief description of the activity (work, innovation), and the processes undertaken. A brief summary of evidence, outcomes and implications of the work. Please note, you must be a current CAUTHE Student Member to be eligible to present your work at one of the workshops.


Please do not hesitate to contact CAUTHE PhD Student representative Mahdis Madani if you have any questions.