Revised ANZSRC codes now available








The final version of the revised Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC 2020) is available on the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Stats NZ websites. We are delighted to report that Tourism maintains its own FOR code. There are also additional Tourism and Hospitality FOR codes under other umbrella fields. This is an important outcome for Tourism, Hospitality and Events research 

in Australia and New Zealand and CAUTHE lobbied to retain the Tourism FOR code. We also thank colleagues who made submissions to the review in support of the Tourism FOR code.

All codes have been renumbered and the new codes for Tourism are as follows:

  • 3508 Tourism
  • 35801 Impacts of tourism  
  • 35802 Tourism forecasting  
  • 35803 Tourism management  
  • 35804 Tourism marketing  
  • 35805 Tourism resource appraisal  
  • 35806 Tourism behaviour and visitor experience
  •  35807 Tourism not elsewhere classified

Additional related FOR codes of relevance    

  • 3504 Commercial services including   
  • 350402 Hospitality Management   
  • 350405 Sport and leisure management   
  • 380116 Tourism economics  
  • 430207 Heritage tourism, visitor and audience studies  
  • 440608 Recreation, leisure and tourism geography
  • 440713 Tourism policy  
  • 450526 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tourism
  •  451129 Te mahi tapoi Maori (Maori tourism)
  •  451825 Pacific Peoples tourism