CAUTHE Fellow wins JTR Best Paper Award

Geoff Crouch with Dan Fesnmeier

At last week’s 43rd Annual International Travel and Tourism Research Association Conference held in Virginia, USA, CAUTHE Fellow Geoffrey Crouch was honoured with the Charles R. Goeldner Article of Excellence Award for the Best Paper published in the Journal of Travel Research in 2011. The Journal of Travel Research is an A* ranked journal, now in its 51st year. In 2011 there were a total of 52 papers published in JTR that were eligible for the award. Charles R. Goeldner was the founding editor of the journal and managed its success from the University of Colorado, Boulder, for many years. This award is the most prestigious annual international research award for a scholarly paper published in tourism research.

As noted by our colleague Sue Beeton: “I’m sure you are all (painfully?) aware of the challenges of even getting published in an A* journal, let alone win the BEST paper for the entire year. I was very pleased to be at the TTRA conference where Geoff received this award – it really raises our international profile; from which we all benefit.  I for one am happy to bask in ‘reflected glory’!”

Image: Geoff with Dan Fesenmeier who presented the award