Your 2021 PhD Student representative

Introducing the 2021 PhD Student representative

My name is Jess Sanggyeong Je. I am a third-year PhD student in the Department of Tourism, Sport and HotelManagement at Griffith University. I am originally from the Republic of Korea, and I obtained my bachelor in tourism management with Honours at Griffith University. I am investigating the effectiveness of gender equality initiatives in tourism organisations particularly, multinational hotels with a qualitative method. My principal supervisor is A/Prof Catheryn Khoo, and associate supervisor is Dr Elaine Yang.

My academic curiosity and passion for gender research lie at the bottom of my heart. I have an extensive working experience in the hospitality industry. Though I have enjoyed the instant interaction with colleagues and customers, I had to leave my job due to discrimination and poor retaliation policy. It took much time for me to confront the reality and transform my experience into academic goal and desire. Nonetheless, my perception of the past and academic journey resonated my identity and voice as a feminist researcher. It made me a wiser, caring and action-oriented person. I had profound conversation with people who have different background and experience in the tourism industry. I would love to see how my academic work can be a bridge to effectively implement gender equality initiatives in tourism.

It is my honour to be the CAUTHE 2021 PhD Student Representative. I am pleased to be part of facilitating the efficient communication between executive members and PhD students. I am keen to hear from CAUTHE student members about their suggestions to increase their engagement with academia.


  • Ms Jess Sanggyeong Je

    Griffith University