Iso-CHATS past recordings – Season 2

Links to past Iso-CHATS Seminar Season recordings, insightful and topical.


2.1 Should we do more research on political philosophies and worldviews in tourism? | Dr Denis Tolkach (James Cook University)

24 July 2020  The presentation explores the political philosophies influence tourism at different levels: from individual choices to policies and even understanding of what tourism means. This talk discusses various avenues of research that involve political philosophies, and outline benefits and challenges of studying the topic. Denis is a Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality Management and teaches various subjects in Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events and Masters of International Tourism & Hospitality Management. Prior to joining James Cook University in 2020, Denis worked as an Assistant Professor at School of Hotel and Tourism Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Denis has earned the PhD degree at Victoria University, Melbourne. He has developed research in areas of sustainable tourism, ethics in tourism, community-based tourism, nature-based tourism and tourism in Small Island Developing States.

2.2 Technology and innovation in tourism during COVID-19 | Professor Marianna Sigala (University of South Australia)

31 July 2020:  This week, we are thrilled to host Professor Marianna Sigala who will discuss how innovation and technologies have empowered tourism firms and destinations to ensure business continuity, strengthen their customer engagement as well as get prepared for the post COVID-19 era. Building digital capabilities, infrastructure, readiness and innovativeness is more important than ever in the tourism industry. How can we reduce the digital gap in order to avoid widening any resulting economic gap?

2.3 The paradox of alterity for community tourism in Quebec, Canada | Professor Dominic Lapointe (Université du Québec à Montréal)

5 August 2020:  In this week’s Iso-CHAT, we are joined by Professor Dominic Lapointe from the Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada. Dominic will discuss how COVID-19 has transformed the smooth space of tourism into a highly striated one, with the paradox of alterity having been exposed. Revisiting the enclavic tendencies of tourism areas, along with a multilayered approach to alterity, Dominic’s talk will look at ongoing changes in the Quebec tourism industry that have been enhanced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

2.4: Resilience of tourism organizations post-crisis and disaster | Professor Girish Prayag (University of Canterbury)

21 August 2020: In this week’s Iso-CHAT, we are joined by Professor Girish Prayag who examines how tourism organizations can build resilience post-disaster. In doing so, he critically evaluates the theoretical foundations of organizational resilience in tourism research and argues for an approach that takes greater cognisance of system thinking. Also, his talk discusses if organizational resilience is desirable at all for communities.

2.5 Alternatives to neoliberal logics: prefiguring hope and possibilities for tourism futures | Phoebe Everingham (University of Newcastle)

28  August 2020:  In this week’s Iso-CHAT, we are joined by Dr Phoebe Everingham who argues that in terms of long-term thinking post COVID-19, it is time to change the parameters of how we imagine a trajectory going forward, to prefigure possibilities for contesting capitalist imperatives that ‘there is no alternative’. In relation to tourism, she argues that the pandemic provides an opportunity for reimaging tourism otherwise, away from exploitative models that disregard people, places, and the natural environment, and towards a tourism that has positive impacts. Phoebe also argues that non-western perspectives can help us to shift priorities away from economic growth, towards greater social and environmental wellbeing, and meaningful human connections.

#2.6: Fast tourism and beer miles: New (competing) agendas for sport tourism | Professor Catherine Palmer (University of Tasmania)

4 September 2020:  In this week’s Iso-CHAT, we are joined by Professor Catherine Palmer.  Catherine’s presentation brings together research on two emerging areas in sports tourism. It will draw on research across sport, leisure and alcohol studies to trace out the complementary and competing discourses and debates in fitness-tourism, including questions of embodiment, healthism and, perhaps paradoxically, destination drinking. The presentation also continues an ongoing research agenda that asks researchers to extend their conceptual, theoretical and empirical frameworks for thinking about sports-tourism.

2.7: Gender in the time of COVID: Imagining a more inclusive tourism world? | Professor Erica Wilson (Southern Cross University)

18 September 2020:  In this week’s Iso-CHAT, we are joined by Professor Erica Wilson. As the saying goes, COVID is a feminist issue. In this Iso-CHATS hour, Erica Wilson will reflect on the role, impact and importance of gender during the time of COVID. Specifically, she will discuss the ways in which the pandemic has affected the domains of work, home, mobility, and (tourism) academia – and the now even blurrier lines among them. Erica will propose some thoughts on a gender-aware framework which might offer a more hopeful and inclusive way forward as we navigate the impacts of the coronavirus

2.8: The problem with female leadership in hospitality and tourism management | Associate Professor Shelagh Mooney (Auckland University of Technology)

25 September 2020: This week’s seminar will take the form of an interview, where Associate Professor Shelagh Mooney will respond to questions posed by an invisible – but vocal – devil’s advocate whose position is that, actually, gender is no longer a problem in contemporary organisations and it is time to focus on important real world issues. The first question asked will be: “Isn’t the real reason for women’s failure to advance into senior management because they work less hours that men and so do not get promoted?” Listen in to find out the answer…!

Iso-CHATS Interlude: Contemporary Domestic Tourism in China: Observations from the Greater Bay Area | Associate Professor Chin-Ee Ong – Sun Yat-Sen University, China.

8 October 2020: This seminar will focus on the recent experience and management of domestic tourism in China. Dr Chin-Ee Ong will draw on preliminary fieldwork in the three contrasting but connected nodes in China’s Greater Bay Area project: downtown Zhongshan City, historic town of Tangjiawan and Hengqin New Area. In so doing, Chin-Ee will set the stage for discussions on the role of tourism in the everyday lives of people and the persistent appeal of tourism megaprojects in China.