Tourism Research Australia

Tourism Research Knowledge Library

Academics undertake a range of ‘cutting edge’ tourism-related research. However, as most of the outcomes from this research are published in academic journals, they are not easily accessed. TRA believes this valuable research should be available to a much wider audience, including industry and the broader community.

The Tourism Research Australia Knowledge Library contains resources and background documents, including the data dictionaries and questionnaires. We want to ensure your research reaches the broadest audience possible. To help us achieve this, please summarise the objectives, key findings and implications of your work in plain English. Download the Academic Research Summary template.

The Knowledge Library provides an excellent opportunity for you to expand your research output whilst at the same time enhancing engagement with this important government agency. Please take advantage of this facility to help disseminate research to industry and government and protect the long-term viability of this great initiative.

If you have any enquiries or require assistance with completing the template, please email Tourism Research Australia.