Conference Proceedings 2009


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To cite these articles: Ashworth, GJ. Let’s Sell Our Heritage to Tourists! Do We? Can We? Should We? [online]. In: Carlsen, Jack (Editor); Hughes, Michael (Editor); Holmes, Kirsten (Editor); Jones, Roy (Editor). CAUTHE 2009: See Change: Tourism & Hospitality in a Dynamic World. Fremantle, W.A.: Curtin University of Technology, 2009: 1-5.

Index to proceedings

The papers are listed alphabetically by first listed author.


G.J. Ashworth (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)

Haiyan Song (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Alison Morrison (University of Strathclyde), Jack Carlsen (Curtin University), Paull Weber (Curtin University)

Steve Turton (James Cook University)

A |

The resort economy and local economic integration: The case of English coastal resorts
Sheela Agarwal (Plymouth University)

Evaluating the efficiency of the Australian restaurant industry
Albert Assaf (Victoria University); Margaret Deery (Victoria University); Leo Jago (Victoria University)

The tourism forecasting competition
George Athanasopoulos (Monash University); Haiyan Song (Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Rob Hyndman;(Monash University); Konstantinos Nikolopoulos (University of Manchester); Doris Wu (Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Nikolaos Bougioukos)

B |

The VFR trilogy
Elisa Backer (University of Ballarat)

Memories of wildlife tourism: From experience to action
Roy Ballantyne (University of Queensland); Jan Packer (University of Queensland); Lucy Sutherland (University of Queensland)

Tourists’ support for conservation messages and sustainable management practices in wildlife tourism experiences
Roy Ballantyne (University of Queensland); Jan Packer ((University of Queensland); Karen Hughes (University of Queensland)

Cross-cultural comparisons of the impact of wildlife tourism on environmental learning
Roy Ballantyne (University of Queensland); Jan Packer ((University of Queensland); Nigel Bond (University of Queensland)

Managing guest retention: A case study of the New Zealand accommodation sector
Shirley Barnett (Massey University)

Why film? Why now? Tourism Australia’s changing perspectives. A case study of Australian film-induced tourism.
Sue Beeton (LaTrobe University)

Themes and trends in Australian and New Zealand tourism research: A social network analysis of citations in two leading journals (1994 – 2007)
Pierre Benckendorff (James Cook University)

Sustainable small tourism enterprises: Do they exist?
Suzanne Bergin-Seers (Victoria Universith)

The resilience of coral reef tourism to climate change and disturbance
Duan Biggs (James Cook University)

Between past, present and future – implications of socio-demographic changes in tourism
Philipp E. Boksberger (University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur); Christian Laesser (University of St. Gallen

Changing culinary occupation: Surfacing working lives of research chefs
Carl P. Borchgrevink (Michigan State University); Michael Sciarini (Michigan State University); Margaret Condrasky (Clemson University)

“If you build it they will come” – or will they? A review of the use of travel motivation theory
B. Monique Brocx (Auckland University of Technology); Tracy-Lesley Harkison (Auckland University of Technology)

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know – the visiting friends and family phenomenon
B. Monique Brocx (Auckland University of Technology)

An imaginative leap for tourism studies
Graham Brown (University of South Australia); Shirley Chappel (University of South Australia)

Developments in the contemporary film tourism industry: A case study of the New Zealand experience
Anne Buchmann (University of Newcastle)

e-Tourism: Wireless applications in destinations
Dimitrios Buhalis (Bournemouth University); Luca Pistidda (Bournemouth University)

One man and his boat (and hotel and pier….): Henry Gilbert Smith and the foundation of Manly, Australia’s first tourist resort
Richard Butler (University of Strathclyde); Ian McDonnell (University of Technology Sydney)

C |

Romance on the rebound: Post-tsunami recovery of tourism in the Maldives
Anne Campbell (University of Canberra)

Festival futures
Jack Carlsen (Curtin University); Tommy D. Andersson (Gothenburg University); Ruth Taylor (Curtin University); Jane Ali-Knight (Napier University); Kari Jaeger (Hoiskolen I Finnmark)

The wet tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area: Community use of information sources
Julie Carmody (James Cook University); Bruce Prideaux (James Cook University)

Ivisit™: an information exchange tool for self-drive tourists in remote Australia
Dean Carson (Charles Darwin University); Doris Schmallegger (James Cook University) Graham Thompson (Curtin University); Roy Jones (Curtin University); Alan Pilgrim (Curtin University)

Embedded entrepreneurs: Nascent tourism and diasporan Pacific Islanders
Jenny Cave (University of Waikato Management School)

Tourism research to tourism practice: The need for adaptive institutions in Western Australia’s Ningaloo region
Kelly Chapman (Edith Cowan University); Pierre Horwitz (Edith Cowan University); Pascal Scherrer (Edith Cowan University); Jeremy Northcote (Edith Cowan University)

Investigating the temporal dynamics of tourist movement: An application of circular statistics
Prem Chhetri (RMIT University); J. Corcoran (University of Queensland); C. Arrowsmith (RMIT University)

Linking tourism and natural resource management through output indicators
Alexandra Coghlan (James Cook University); Bruce Prideaux (James Cook University)

Do we manage what the botanic garden visitor doesn’t know?
Gary Crilley (University of South Australia)

From ‘sandals and beards to sophisticated urbanites’: The opportunities and management dilemmas of a dynamic wildlife tourism sector
Susanna Curtin (Bournemouth University)

The role of persuasive communication as a mechanism for behavioural influence in tourism and other settings
Jim Curtis ( Monash University); Betty Weiler ( Monash University); Michael Hughes (Curtin University)

D |

Inherent complexity: Accessible tourism accommodation information preferences
Simon Darcy (University of Technology Sydney)

Putting a cost on labour turnover in Australian accommodation industry
Michael Davidson (Griffith University) Nils Timo (Griffith University) Ying Wang (Griffith University)

Dealing with change: The impacts of seasonality on tourism operators
Marrgaret Deery (Victoria University); Leo Jago (Victoria University); Judith Mair (Victoria University)

The emergence of geoparks
Ross Dowling (Edith Cowan University)

Into the future: Are individualisation, risk and reflexivity influencing Australian tourism policy directions?
Dianne Dredge (Southern Cross University); John Jenkins (Southern Cross University)

Students’ motivations and satisfactions: Lessons for curriculum development & recruitment.
Alison Dunn (University of Tasmania)

Estimating the impact of the carbon pollution reduction scheme on the Australian Tourism Industry: A computable general equilibrium approach
Larry Dwyer (University of New South Wales); Peter Forsyth (Monash University); Serajul Hoque (Monash University); Thiep Van Ho (Monash University); Ray Spurr (University of New South Wales); Daniel Pamudi (Monash University)

E |

Making tracks and collecting images: New methods for examining tourists’ spatial behaviour in cities
Deborah Edwards (University of Technology Sydney); Tony Griffin (University of Technology Sydney); Bruce Hayllar (University of Technology Sydney); Tracey J. Dickson (University of Canberra)

Host guest relations in a LDC context: An exploratory study of the social dynamic of tourism in Cambodia
Sotear Ellis (Edith Cowan University); Lynnaire Sheridan (Edith Cowan University)

What do consumers what from their e-fellows? Segmenting travellers based on their preference for hotel review categories
Verena Engele (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien); Brigitte Stangl (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien); Karin Teichmann (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien)

F |

Tourism demand growth rate cycle and composite leading indicators
Damian Fernando (Victoria University); Kulendren Nada (Victoria University)

Performance innovation: The gap between traditional and fringe festivals
Elspeth Frew (LaTrobe University); Jane Ali-Knight (Napier University)

American invention to international concept: Writing a history of tourism and National Parks
Warwick Frost (Monash University); C. Michael Hall (University of Canterbury)

G |

Managerial response to global tourism trends in accommodation: An illustration from two destinations
Ruhet Genc (Beykent University); Ige Pirnar (Dokuz Eylul University)

The role of local government in developing small tourism enterprises in regional destinations
Sarah Givney (James Cook University); Pierre Benckendorff (James Cook University)

The effect of celebrities on destination image
Petra Glover (University of Queensland)

Employee control or controlled employees: Is everyone marching to the same beat?
Warren Goodsir (Auckland University of Technology)

H |

Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli and the economic effects of attendance
John Hall (Deakin University); V. John Basarin (Deakin University)

Tourism, change and time: Time concepts and understanding tourism related change
Michael Hall (University of Canterbury)

International business travel by New Zealand firms: An exploratory study of climate change mitigation and adaptation practices
Michael Hall (University of Canterbury)

Obesity, tourism and discrimination? An investigation of airline ‘customer of size’ policies
Candice Harris (Auckland University of Technology); Jennie Small (University of Technology Sydney)

Cinderella in Babylon: The representation of housekeeping and housekeepers in Hotel Babylon
Candice Harris (Auckland University of Technology); Helen Tregidga (Auckland University of Technology); Denise Schitko (Auckland University of Technology); David Williamson (Auckland University of Technology)

Educating tourism students in the South Pacific: Changing cultures, changing economies
David Harrison (University of the South Pacific)

Hotel sweet home: A study of retired couples living in hotels as permanent guests
Brian Hay (University of Strathclyde)

Understanding the cultural values of face and harmony when Chinese diners play tourist
Rui Jin Hoare (Griffith University); Ken Butcher (Griffith University); Danny O’Brien (Griffith University)

Learning in outdoor museums: Understanding the browsing tourist as an intelligent forager
Mary Hollick (University of Ballarat)

The carbon footprint of Australian tourism
Serajul Hoque (Monash University); Peter Forsyth (Monash University); Larry Dwyer (University of New South Wales); Ray Spurr (University of New South Wales); Thiep Van Ho (Monash University); Daniel Pamudi (Monash University)

Sustaining tourism in offshore islands of Taiwan: Certification system as a tool for sustainable tourism in offshore islands of Taiwan
Livi Huang (Murdoch University); Diane Lee (Murdoch University)

Towards a good practice user pays system for Australian protected areas
Michael Hughes (Curtin University); Jack Carlsen (Curtin University); Gary Crilley (University of South Australia)

Research studies on destination image: Past, present and future directions
Joseph Hui (University of Guelph, Canada); May Aung (University of Guelph, Canada)

I |

Long tail and tourism destination websites: A study on information quality and information convergence
Alessandro Inversini (University of Lugano); Dimitrios Buhalis (Bournemouth University)

Adoption of back-of-house information technology in Malaysia’s foodservice industry
Ahmad Fareed Ismail (University of Western Australia); Murali Sambasivan (University Putra Malaysia); Boo Huey Chern (University Putra Malaysia); Jamie Murphy (University of Western Australia)

J |

Identity and the meaning of festivals – For whom?
Kari Jaeger (Finnmark University College); Reidar Mykletun (University of Stavanger)

Conference decision heuristics: Patterns of conference participation decision making
Tatiyaporn Jarumaneerat (University of Surrey); Peter Jones (University of Surrey); Hesham Z Al-Sabbahy (University of Surrey)

Develop a literary tourism site: The perspective of constructivism authenticity
Hongyan Jia (Southeast University, Nanjing)

Food safety for education tourism: Implications to cultural change
Benedict Jipiu, L (University of Technology Mara); P. S. Toh (University of Technology Mara); A. M. Abd. Azis (University of Technology Mara); Son Radu (University of Technology Mara)

Climate change impacts on UK coastal tourism destinations: Reflections, responses and repercussions
Andrew Jones (Swansea Metropolitan University)

The challenges of managing destination: Understanding sustainability and change through destination modellling
Tod Jones (Curtin University); David Wood (Curtin University)

K |

Believe it or not: Travellers’ perspectives on climate change and connectivity to travel decision-making – a constructivist interpretation
Ulrike Kachel (Griffith University); Gayle Jennings (Griffith University)

Converting business travellers to leisure travellers
Greg Kerr (University of Wollongong); Katie Lazarevski (University of Woolongong); Sara Donicar (University of Wollongong)

Tourism and food experience: Major factors that motivated travellers to consume local food and beverages
Yeong Gug Kim (University of Surrey); Anita Eves (University of Surrey); Caroline Scarles (University of Surrey)

Engagement between postsecondary education and the tourism industry in Australia. Towards a “whole of supply chain” approach
Brian King (Victoria University)

Do travellers collect world heritage areas?
Lisa King (James Cook University); Bruce Prideaux (James Cook University)

Ownership efficiency in Slovene hospitality industry
Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar (University of Ljubljana); Tanja Mihalič (University of Ljubljana)

Integration of funicular operators and ski-areas in Europe: Perspectives and problems
Lisa Kofink (European Academy of Bozen-Bolzano); Harald Pechlaner (European Academy of Bozen-Bolzano); Mike Peters (University of Innsbruck); Barbara Hölzl (European Academy of Bozen-Bolzano)

Are low cost carriers helping or hindering regional dispersal? Findings from a logit analysis of the national visit survey data
Tay T. R. Koo (University of New South Wales); Cheng-Lung Wu (University of New South Wales); Larry Dwyer (University of New South Wales)

L |

Which factors prevail – average room rate, occupancy, or star rating – in a roaring economy? A longitudinal study on Macau hotel industry
Ching Chi Lam (Institute for Tourism Studies, Macau); Weng Si Lei (Institute for Tourism Studies, Macau); Cristina Sousa (University of Macau)

Risk and worry in tourists as a function of a catastrophic event
Svein Larsen (University of Bergin); Torvald Øgaard (University of Stavanger); Wibecke Brun (University of Bergin)

Development of destination networks in the meetings industry
Mia Laeson (Gothenburg University); Szilvia Gyimothy (Gothenburg University )

Student employment in hospitality and tourism: Insights from a recent study in Nottingham
Conrad Lashley (Nottingham Trent University)

Comprehensive community consultation in destination management planning: The destination Daylesford and Hepburn Springs strategic tourism planning process
Meredith Lawrence (Southern Cross University); Jeremy Buultjens (Southern Cross University)

How water shapes a destination’s approach to tourism
La Vergne Lehmann (University of Ballarat)

Changing approaches to education, innovation and research in tourism
Janne Liburd (University of Southern Denmark); Anne-Mette Hjalager (CEO, Advance/1, Denmark)

Volunteer life balance and the flexible firm: Key drivers in a framework to enhance volunteer retention
Leonie Lockstone (Victoria University); Kirsten Holmes (Curtin University); Margaret Deery (Victoria University); Leo Jago (Victoria University)

M |

The impact of climate change on business events: Real change or media hype?
Judith Mair (Victoria University); Leo Jago (Victoria University)

Event education and engagement with industry – is it worth it?
Judith Mair (Victoria University); Olga Junek (Victoria University); Leonie Lockstone (Victoria University)

Changing market-underlying factors influencing mainland Chinese tourists’ travel preference for Australia
Iris Mao ( Edith Cowan University); Hanqin Zhang (Hong Knog Polytechnic University)

Tales of a misspent use: a case-study of ‘yield’ as a destination marketing organisation’s marketing and organisational objective
Roger March (University of New South Wales)

Exploring the motivations and behaviours of solo women travellers in tropical North Queensland
Karen McNamara (James Cook Uinversity); Bruce Prideaux (James Cook University)

Conventions held by associations: A case study of buyers and suppliers in an emerging conference destination
Monica Millare (University of Wollongong); Greg Kerr (University of Wollongong)

Tourism university student internships in Australia – a preliminary analysis
Nina Mistilis (University of New South Wales); Jennifer Harris (University of New South Wales)

Have skills –will travel: The relevance of geographical mobility to women hotel managers’ careers
Shelagh Mooney (Auckland University of Technology)

Economic change, prices and the adherence effect: Information, rationality and human decisions
Pedro Moreira (Macau SAR PR China)

Fat cruise tourists’ experiences – the sea of change a critical review of experiences and its application to the cruise industry
Patsy Morgan (Southampton Solent University)

Connecting traveller behaviour to information source use
Gianna Moscardo (James Cook University); Philip Pearce (James Cook University)

An exploration of the link between destination brand personality and self congruity
Laurie Murphy (James Cook University)

N |

The caption evaluation method: Historical districts as perceived by adults with interests in architecture/town planning
Taketo Naoi (Okayama Shoka University); Takanobu Yamada; (Okayama Prefectural University) Shoji Iijiama; (Okayama Shoka Uinversity); Takayuki Kumasawa (Okayama Prefectural University)

How sharp is your axe? A study of menu analysis in independent restaurants in Dunedin, New Zealand
Ben Nemeschansky (Auckland University of Technology)

Developing a strong rural tourism product: The case of St. Thomas, Jamaica
Annmarie Nicely (Oklahoma University); Radesh Palakurthi (Oklahoma University)

The tapestry tourism futures project: Lessons learned for governance in community tourism planning
Jeremy Northcote (Edith Cowan University); Diane Lee (Murdoch University); Aggie Wegner (Charles Darwin University); Stephanie Chok (Murdock University)

O |

P |

Price satisfaction in changing tourism markets
Harald Pechlaner (European Academy of Bozen-Bolzano); Freida Raich (European Academy of Bozen-Bolzano)

An analysis of psychological empowerment and job satisfaction for middle-level managers in the hospitality industry
David Ponton (Griffith Business School)

Identifying indicators to measure tourists’ views on climate change
Bruce Prideaux (James Cook University); Alexandra Goghlan (James Cook University); Bob McKercher (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Q |

R |

Tourism in a crisis and disaster prone world: Crisis communication theory, concepts and future research directions
Brent W. Ritchie (University of Queensland)

Strategic issues in the Australian Tourism Industry: An analysis of national tourism strategies and plans
Lisa Ruhanen (University of Queensland); Char-lee McLennan (University of Queensland)

The 14th annual sports and cultural festival: An evaluation of an indigenous sporting event
Lisa Ruhanen (University of Queensland); Michelle Whitford (University of Queensland); Char-lee McLennan (University of Queensland)

S |

To podcast or not to podcast: Is that the right question for tourism and hospitality students?
Dale Sanders (LaTrobe University)

In the line of fire: The challenges of managing tourism operations in the Victorian Alps
Dale Sanders (LaTrobe University); Jennifer Laing (Monash University); Meg Houghton (LaTrobe University)

Photographing locals: An exploration of the effects of tourist photography on host communities
Caroline Scarles (University of Surrey)

Expedition cruising in Australia: Proactive steps towards change for sustainability
Pascal Scherrer (Edith Cowan University); Amanda Smith (Department of Environment and Conservation); Ross Dowling (Edith Cowan University)

Is the tourism industry ready for another $3,500,000? Catering for travellers with restricted abilities
Denise Schitko (Auckland University of Technology)

The commodification of culture in Jeonnam Province, Korea: The frame of cultural tourism
Youngsun Shin (Honam University)

Changing paradigms: The case of tourism and development in the Hurunui District, New Zealand
Michael C. Shone (Lincoln University)

The new kids on the block: Generational changes in the contemporary hospitality workplace
David Solnet (University of Queensland); Anna Hood (University of Queensland)

Relationship between motivation and website features: do adventure and relaxation seeking travellers differ? An exploratory study?
Brigitte Stangl (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Austria)

Who owns the space? A case study of higher education provision in a vet environment
Denise Stevens (William Angliss Institute); Robyn Clifford (William Angliss Institute)

Predicting purchasing intention of organic food in South Korea – implications for the hospitality sector
Bo Won Suh (University of Surrey)

T |

The socio-cultural impacts of visiting friends and relatives on host communities – a Samoan comparison
Rosemary Taufatofua (University of Queensland); Stephen Craig-Smith (University of Queensland)

Changing knowledge levels: Comparing the pre-and post-information search stage
Karin Teichmann (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Austria)

Rural tourism in the vulnerable economy: The community perception
Toney Thomas (Taylor’s University College)

Travel as a force in formulating cultural identity: The case of the Sarawakian (Malaysian) Chinese Visiting China
Caroline Tie (University of Bedfordshire)

Ambassadorial role playing as a competitive advantage in international hospitality: Pourquoi pas?
Charlotte Tocanne (INSEEC & Edith Cowan University); Alfred Ogle (Edith Cowan University)

The contribution of Aboriginal tourism to economic development: Making appropriate distinctions
Pascal Tremblay (Charles Darwin University)

U |

V |

W |

Change of perspective: Using aerial surveys to identify human-turtle interactions in the Ningaloo Marine Park
David Waayers (Murdoch University)

Coaching to enhance community capacity: The ecotourism guide
Kaye Walker (Southern Cross University); Anna Blackman (James Cook University)

Using the web: Cooking holidays and remembering the pasts of others
Joan Wardrop (Curtin University)

Important ‘ingredients’ for a successful tourism / protected area partnership – partners’ policy recommendations
Aggie Wegner (Charles Darwin University); Diane Lee (Murdoch University) Betty Weiler (Monash University)

Dealing with complexity in tourism settings – the applicability of the “resilient futures process” to the management of tourism resources
Aggie Wegner (Charles Darwin University); Helen Allison (Murdoch University); Pascal Tremblay (Charles Darwin University)

Re-branding tourism: A process view of regional destination branding
Fiona Wheeler (Monash University); Betty Weiler (Monash University); Warwick Frost (Monash University)

Investigating professional development for tourism and hospitality educators
Kim Williams (Victoria University)

The engines of distinction: Discourse for main course in restaurant reviews
David Williamson (Auckland University of Technology); Helen Tregidga (Auckland University of Technology); Candice Harris (Auckland University of Technology); Courtney Keen (Auckland University of Technology)

X |

Y |

The integration of social exchange theory and social representations theory: A new perspective on residents’ perception research
Tranakjit Yutyunyong (University of Queensland); Noel Scott (University of Queensland)

Z |

Managing swim with wild dolphin tourism in Australia: Guidelines, operator practices and research on tourism impacts
Heather Zeppel (James Cook University)