CAUTHE Newsletter March 2009

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Welcome from the CAUTHE Chair

Welcome to the post conference edition of our newsletter and our new website.  As I am sure all delegates will agree, the CAUTHE 2009 Conference in Fremantle was a great conference.  Our thanks go to Jack Carlsen, Michael Hughes, Kirsten Holmes and Roy Jones and the team from Curtain University of Technology and Curtain Sustainable Tourism Centre for being terrific hosts.  In true West Australian fashion, they made us work, but also made us feel very welcome and relaxed – even if we did have to adjourn to the prison for a bit of R&R.  Have a look at some of the photos taken at the conference.

2009 presents several challenges for CAUTHE.  Many of our member schools are undertaking major course reviews and there is still considerable debate regarding the research assessment exercise and journal grading activities.  As well, there is a growing debate about open access to academic research and the role of institutional repositories.  Just as CAUTHE made a submission to the government regarding journal rankings, we shall also be canvassing colleagues to ensure that we represent CAUTHE’s views on this important matter.  At the same time we have formed a working party to look at the membership structure of CAUTHE and whether we extend membership to teaching institutions that are not necessarily universities and not necessarily located in Australia.  I welcome your input into this important debate and will be back in touch shortly.  Howver, in the mean time, feel free to ping me an email if you wish.

In 2010 we complete our lap of Australia when Tasmania hosts its first CAUTHE conference.  We are delighted that colleagues at UTas have offered to host us in Hobart for the CAUTHE 2010 Conference.  Formal announcements are forthcoming.

In the meantime, enjoy this edition of the newsletter and the many stories from the conference.  You may also want to take a few minutes to have a look around our new website; especially our automated membership system and bookshop.  I also ask you to seriously consider the offerings of those industry organisations and publishers who support CAUTHE and who advertise on our website.

Planning for the mid year meeting is underway and formal details will be announced shortly.

Keep well.

Paul Whitelaw

The 2009 CAUTHE Executive

The members of the CAUTHE Executive as elected at the AGM at CAUTHE 2009 are:

Chair – Paul Whitelaw
First Vice Chair – Brent Richie
Second Vice Chair – Elspeth Frew
Secretary – Candice Harris
Treasurer – Deb Edwards
2010 Conference Convenor – Alison Dunn
Immediate Past Conference Convenor – Michael Hughes
Co-Opted Member – David Williamson
Post Graduate Student Rep – Fiona Wheeler
Industry Liaison – Alana Thomson
Past Chair – Jenny Davies
CAUTHE Secretariat – Penny Jose

CAUTHE 2009 Conference

Esplanade Hotel Fremantle WA
Feb 10-13, 2009

The CAUTHE 2009  conference was hosted by Curtin University at the Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, Western Australia.  185 Delegates registered for the conference 59 (32%) of whom were international.  The conference received 182 full reviewed and working paper submissions from Australian and international authors.  Of these, 134 were included in the final program.  The difference in number of papers submitted and the number programmed was primarily due to a large number of last minute withdrawals, owing to delegates’ conference funding cuts.

Fortunately, the new panel discussion format adopted by the conference meant last minute withdrawals did not result in “holes” in the program as would have happened with the traditional individual presentation format.  Ten keynote speakers from various backgrounds presented over the course of the program on a range of topics including tourism economics and business, hospitality, heritage tourism, culture, ecotourism, and climate change.

The academic program was complemented with various social activities, including a welcome reception, walking tours of Fremantle and a dinner at the historic Fremantle Prison.  A raffle at the conference dinner raised $2009 for the Victorian Bushfire appeal. The warm evenings, nearby beaches and numerous cafes, restaurants and pubs afforded delegates excellent opportunities to explore the delights of Fremantle after the day’s conference sessions.


Michael Hughes
Curtin University

Fellows invested at CAUTHE 2009

The inaugural Fellows were formally invested and received certificates at CAUTHE 2009. Unfortunately, Stephen Craig-Smith and Betty Weiler were unable to attend, but the others are pictured below.
Also included in the picture is Tony Nankervis, who received a certificate of appreciation in recognition of his role in bringing the CAUTHE College of Fellows to life.




CAUTHE 2009 Awards

Congratulations to the following Award recipients, presented during the 2009 CAUTHE Conference at Fremantle.


The Bill Faulkner Memorial Award for Best PhD Scholar’s Paper

CAUTHE offers this scholar’s award in memory of Professor Bill Faulkner (1945-2002). The award was introduced at the 2002 Annual Conference in Fremantle to honour his memory and recognise the influence of his work. The winner for 2009 was, Changing Paradigms: The Case of Tourism and Development in the Hurunui District, New Zealand by Michael Shone, Lincoln University.





The CAUTHE Award for Best Full Paper

This award is open to all full papers submitted and accepted for the Annual CAUTHE Conference. The winning paper for 2009 was Themes and trends in Australian and New Zealand tourism research: a social network analysis of citations in two leading journals (1994-2007) by Dr Pierre Benckendorff, James Cook University (pictured with Paul).

CAUTHE Fellows Award

This award is for an individual who has made a substantial contribution to hospitality and/or tourism research. The winner for 2009 was to Dr Pierre Benckendorff, James Cook University (this time pictured with Leo).



CAUTHE 2009 PhD Workshop

The Annual Bill Faulkner PhD workshop was held in Fremantle on February 10th in conjunction with the CAUTHE 2009 conference and was attended by 20 Australian and international PhD candidates. The workshop focused on the interesting aspect of the emotional journey of the PhD and involved two formal presentations in the morning and a more informal discussion in the afternoon.

Dr Michael Hughes presented on the background literature and a highlighted the types of emotions PhD candidates commonly experience during the beginning, middle and end phases of their research. The Professors Leo Jago and Larry Dwyer followed this with a presentation on how to maintain motivation over the course of a PhD project. After lunch, a group of experienced academic supervisors were invited to provide brief testimonials on their view of the PhD experience namely, Professors Greg Ashworth, Steve Turton and Alison Morrison and Dr Angela Roper. Professors Philip Pearce and Richard Butler also contributed.

The supervisor testimonials were followed by small group discussions where PhD candidates were allocated to supervisors based on their topic of research. The Workshop attendees said they greatly appreciated the opportunity to talk to an experienced supervisor and expert in their field and they enjoyed the chance to share common experiences with other PhD candidates from around Australia and internationally.

The workshop concluded with testimonials from four recent PhD graduates (Drs Aggie Wegner, Jim Curtis, Caroline Scarles and Jenny Pope) who talked briefly about the completion of their PhD and life afterwards. The motto adopted by attendees of the workshop was “It’s only a PhD”, a reference to the idea that it is one step along the way to being a fully fledged academic researcher or other professional.

Please refer to the end of the newsletter for a testimonial by PhD candidate Fiona Wheeler.

Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings at CAUTHE 2009

All four CAUTHE supported SIGs met at the Fremantle conference to discuss potential research issues, projects and publication opportunities. The inaugural Service Sector Innovation SIG meeting was very well attended, including representatives from the UK, Denmark and Sweden. The potential for collaborative research across countries was clearly evident.

Planning for the Tourism and Volunteering SIG symposium with their ATLAS counterparts is well underway. This event will be hosted immediately before the BEST think tank in Singapore in June 2009. For more details on this symposium please contact Stephen Wearing.

It is not too late to submit an abstract for the Student Experience SIG special issue in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management later this year. Please contact Noel Scott for more information.

For updates from the Critical Approaches group in their activities for 2009 please contact Candice Harris  or Jennie Small in the first instance.

Professor Robert Stebbins to attend CAUTHE Volunteer and Tourism Special Interest Group Symposium

We are delighted to announce that Professor Robert A. Stebbins, University of Calgary will be one of the keynote presenters at the first “International Volunteer and Tourism Symposium” to be held in Singapore at the James Cook University Singapore campus from 14-15 June 2009, just prior to the BEST Education Network TTIX.

Robert Stebbins is an elected member of the Royal Society of Canada and has authored 33 books and monographs, as well as numerous articles and chapters in several areas of social science, including participants in kayaking, snowboarding and mountain climbing. For further information see the session website and Robert’s website.

The International Volunteer Symposium entitled “Volunteering and Tourism: Developing a Research Agenda – Linking Industry and Academia” is organised by the CAUTHE Volunteer and Tourism Special Interest Group and the ATLAS Volunteer Special Interest Group and is sponsored by BEST TTIX and CAUTHE. Members who are interested in attending can find further details at BEST.

Each year CAUTHE holds a raffle/silent auction to raise funds for the activities of the association using souvenir items kindly donated by the conference attendees.

This year the CAUTHE Executive decided to donate the funds to the Red Cross to support the Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund. The support received was overwhelming with delegates generously donating $2,009 which will go towards assisting individuals and communities affected by the Victorian bushfires.

Outcome of CAUTHE 2009 Raffle

Each year CAUTHE holds a raffle/silent auction to raise funds for the activities of the association using souvenir items kindly donated by the conference attendees.

This year the CAUTHE Executive decided to donate the funds to the Red Cross to support the Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund. The support received was overwhelming with delegates generously donating $2,009 which will go towards assisting individuals and communities affected by the Victorian bushfires.




Industry liaison

We are endeavouring to strengthen our ties with the relevant tourism and hospitality industries to build relationships to harbour mutually beneficial outcomes through sharing of knowledge and various collaborations. As part of our new industry liaison initiative, CAUTHE will be establishing a regular ‘CAUTHE in Action’ e-newsletter.

In addition to keeping the industry informed with happenings of CAUTHE through the e-newsletter, we are also inviting CAUTHE members to submit a 100 word synopsis of their industry-relevant research to be selected for publication in each edition of ‘CAUTHE in Action’.

Your synopsis should include a brief description of the research context, method, practical implications for our industry partners and contact details for the primary researchers. The first round of contributions should be sent to our Industry Liaison representative, Alana Thomson no later than 9 April 2009.

Launch of CAUTHE 2010 Conference

The 2010 CAUTHE Conference will be hosted by School of Management, University of Tasmania and will take place from 9 – 12 February at the Grand Chancellor Hotel, Hobart, Tasmania. The conference theme is “Challenging the Limits” and researchers will be invited to submit papers which examine aspects such as heritage, ethical and sustainable tourism, place and destination management, consumer demand for tourism and hospitality and the right to travel.

The CAUTHE 2010 Conference website will go live on 1 April 2009.

Update on CAUTHE Website

The new CAUTHE website was launched during the 2009 CAUTHE conference and has received favourable feedback, with members taking advantage of the online shop facility to join and renew memberships.New pages and information include: Membership Categories and Benefits, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), News and Special Offers, 2010 Conference information and the Online Shop.

We welcome feedback, updates or requests regarding the website to contact page.

Testimonial from Fiona Wheeler, PhD candidate, Monash University 

I attended the annual Bill Faulkner PhD workshop at the CAUTHE 2009 conference in Fremantle.  At this stage in my PhD (close to submission), I honestly didn’t have high expectations of the workshop, being so caught up in my research, completion and thinking ‘how can a workshop help me now? I just need to finish it!’  However, I was pleasantly surprised and very glad I attended.  The small number of PhD students attending made the workshop very relaxed and collegiate.  The focused agenda – looking at the emotional aspects of doing a PhD – was great in that I feel that these aspects of the PhD are sometimes overlooked: we tend to get caught up in the mechanics and processes of research, forgetting the human dimension to it all.  It is a journey after all, sometimes a very personal one, which can be very stressful and emotionally charged, and motivation is something that students grapple with at every stage of the journey.  While I took away some key insights – mainly about keeping the PhD in perspective (‘It’s just a PhD!’) – talking to those students just starting their journey, or those part way through it, I got the impression that the workshop was of particular benefit to them.  ‘Forewarned is forearmed’ as they say, so being aware of the emotional aspects of the journey, and the potential psychological impacts a PhD can be very beneficial, for students and supervisors alike.

Speaking of which, I was really impressed with the line-up of experienced academics who attended the workshop to give us the benefit of their research and supervisory expertise.  The small group discussions worked very well.  Four other students and I were in a group led by Professor Richard Butler, whom I have always wanted to meet and chat with as I draw on his work a great deal in my research.  The group worked exceptionally well – each PhD student was able to talk about their research in a relaxed and friendly environment.  Richard was fantastic – he did not critique or patronise, but asked insightful questions of each of us and generously gave us the benefit of his knowledge and expertise by drawing on his many years of research experience.  Equally, it is always interesting to hear what other students are researching. For example, another student and I found many synergies in our work, suggesting potential opportunities for collaborate in the future, but if not, just to share insights and literature is a good result!  I also made some new PhD friends to hang out with at the conference thereafter and with whom I will definitely keep in touch.

The testimonials from supervisors and current PhD graduates were particularly helpful, especially for someone at my stage of the journey:  it helped reinforce that the PhD is just one step and there is a life thereafter.  I am now looking forward to that more and am actually setting about looking for opportunities and making plans to continue with an academic career, something that was not on my radar before, being totally engrossed in the PhD itself.  So, thanks to Michael Hughes and all those that gave of their time and shared their experiences and insights.

As for the CAUTHE conference itself – it was great and very worthwhile.  I caught up with old friends and made many new acquaintances.  My panel session worked very well and I felt I did my research paper justice!  The keynotes, plenary sessions and other panel presentations I attended were all very relevant and stimulating.  However, the highlight was definitely “Little Creature’s Brewery” as it was the perfect place and environment to meet and chat about common interests!  Looking forward to 2010 CAUTHE in Hobart!