ARC Laureate Fellowship in Tourism

CAUTHE is delighted to congratulate CAUTHE Fellow Professor Sara Dolnicar on the award of a highly prestigious ARC Laureate Fellowship, worth AU$3.2 million. These legacy-building grants facilitate ground-breaking, internationally competitive research to take place in Australia while also nurturing and mentoring early career researchers.

The ARC awards only 17 Laureate Fellowships annually across all disciplines. Being awarded a Laureate Fellowship is an enormous personal achievement for Sara, but also recognises that tourism research is needed, valuable and worth funding.

During her five-year fellowship, Sara and her team will create a new theory to explain and predict pro-environmental behaviour by consumers in a range of pleasure-focused settings, including tourism and leisure. Based on this theory, they will develop and experimentally test the effectiveness of practical interventions in reducing the amount of environmental harm caused.

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