Your 2020 PhD Student representative

Introducing the 2020 PhD Student representative

My name is Mahdis Madani. I am a second-year PhD student in the Department of Tourism at Otago University. For my PhD thesis, I am investigating the roles of bridging organisations in recreational fishing governance in New Zealand under the supervision of Professor Brent Lovelock and Dr Julia N. Albrecht. I am originally from Iran where I obtained my BA and MA in Tourism Management. My research interest centres around collaborative governance of wildlife tourism. I am also studying wildlife as a tourism common pool resource in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

My research interest comes from over six years of working experience with environmental NGOs and ecotour operators in Iran. Working with local communities in rural areas of Iran was a privilege to explore their narratives of the story. This valuable experience led me to journalism through which I could share my knowledge and experience with a wider audience. Over the years, work and research on social aspects of wildlife tourism, I have encountered people with different worldviews who taught me that a good and effective communication is at the heart of any success.

I appreciate the opportunity to start my position as the CAUTHE 2020 PhD student representative. I am delighted to have a role in facilitating the communication between the CAUTHE Executive committee and PhD students through my position. I hope that together we build and maintain networks which create and recreate values.

I am keen to hear from CAUTHE Student members about innovative PhD Scholar engagement activities in these challenging times. Please contact Mahdis Mandani if you have any suggestions.