PhD and ECR Bursaries

CAUTHE offers bursaries as a benefit to Chapter and individual members, and to encourage membership and the submission of full refereed papers for the annual conference. The bursaries were first offered in 2011 to cover travel and accommodation expenses. The winners are presented a certificate at the Annual Conference Dinner.

Early Career Researcher Bursaries

2018 Michael Volgger, Curtin University, Smartly reconfiguring a tourism destination: Learnings from an innovation case

2017 Faith Ong, William Angliss Institute, Akrasia and effective altruism – A philosophical reflection on volunteer tourism

2012 Elisa Backer, University of Ballarat, Partial Industrialisation in Tourism: Modelling Ballarat

2011 Dr Matthew Lamont, Southern Cross University, Splitting the peleton: Segmenting attendees at a participatory cycling event using recreation specialization

PhD Scholar Bursaries



  • Richard S Aquino, Auckland University of Technology, Tourism social entrepreneurship for sustainable community development: Review and conceptual framework
  • Sarath Munasinghe, Auckland University of Technology, Hospitality from a hostguest encounter perspective: A triadic approach to understanding hospitality in tourism
  • Kim Nelson, Charles Sturt University, The storied self in tourism spaces: Qualitative narrative methodology as a framework for understanding self-identity in Niseko, Japan
  • Dung Le, Griffith University, Creating dreams and fantasy: The state-of-theart review of imagery research


  • Ambrozio Queiroz Neto, Griffith Institute for Tourism, Re-thinking destination competitiveness: The investigation of customer value in scuba diving tourism
  • Hongxia Qi, Victoria University of Wellington, A cross-cultural auto-ethnography of the event volunteering experience
  • Phoebe Everingham, Newcastle University, I’m Not Looking For A Manufactured Experience”: Diversity Of Motivations In Volunteer Tourism


  • Keji Huang, James Cook University, Australia Insights About the Commercialisation of Religious Tourism: Four Great Buddhist Mountains in China
  • Laura Lesar, Griffith University, Australia A Decade in the Dark: An Updated Quality Control Tool Framework for Customised Sustainable Tourism Practice
  • Hafez Mansour, Curtin University, Australia How Libyan Tourism Firms Develop Dynamic Capabilities in Response to the Arab Spring Crisis
  • Sulistyo Utomo, Griffith Institute for Tourism, Australia Hajj: The Review of the Literature
  • Donna Kelly, University of Queensland, AustraliaThe impact of tourism leveraging strategies on regional events (Tourism & Transport Research Scholarship)
  • Elaine Chiao Ling Yang, Griffith University, Australia  ‘Are You Crazy?’: Exploring the Risk Perceptions of Asian Solo Female Travellers (Tourism & Transport Research Scholarship)


  • Allison Anderson, James Cook University, Australia The place, polity and power elements of context in destination development
  • Jane Godfrey, University of Technology, Sydney Australia Neo-colonialism and the volunteer tourist gaze: commercial volunteer tourism in Cusco, Peru
  • Mizuki Yamasaki, University of Tasmania, Australia Understanding the spectrum of soft and hard ecotourists
  • Mohammad Yousuf, Federation University, Australia The evolution of visiting friends and relatives (VFR) travel research: a content analysis


  • i-Ling Chen, University of Queensland, An Exploration to Mindfulness Theories in Eastern and Western Philosophy
  • Simone Grabowski, University of Technology, Sydney, Acculturation experiences of young volunteer tourists: Transition and self-understanding
  • Madeleine McWha, La Trobe University, Contemporary travel writing: a snapshot of current tourism themes in travel magazine articles
  • Faith Ong, Victoria University, Volunteer tourism programs: A stakeholder matrix


  • FuChieh Hsu, University of Queensland, Understanding Tourists’ Purchase Intention Towards Traditional Taiwanese Food: The Role of Sensation Seeking
  • Debbie Hopkins, University of Otago, Social Perceptions of Climate Change in Queenstown’s Ski Industry: A Framework of Contextual Vulnerability
  • Mucha Mkono, Southern Cross University, for her paper titled Netnography in Qualitative Tourism Research

2012 Michelle Thompson, James Cook University, Segmenting visitors to Tropical North Queensland by Travel Motives


  • Jie Wang, University of Queensland, Are organisations prepared for crisis? An evaluation of crisis planning in the accommodation industry in Australia
  • Monica Torland, Southern Cross University, Adventure Tour Leaders – A Brilliant Blend of Identities?

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