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To cite these articles: eg Anderson, Allison and Prideaux, Bruce. The place, polity and power elements of context in destination development. In: Wilson, E (Editor); Witsel, M (Editor). CAUTHE 2015: Rising Tides and Sea Changes: Adaptation and Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality. Gold Coast, QLD: School of Business and Tourism, Southern Cross University, 2015: 22-33.

Index to proceedings

Full Papers

Papers are listed alphabetically by first author surname

The place, polity and power elements of context in destination development
Allison Anderson, Bruce Prideaux (James Cook University) p22

Travel to a post-war region: motivations and experiences
Jayani Upekha I. Andrahannadi, Graham Brown, Carmen Reaiche Amaro (University of South Australia) p34

Effectiveness of tourism destination development for the international retirement migration tourist
Ann Suwaree Ashton (National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand) p43

VFR travel: Well-known but not known well
Elisa Backer (Federation University) p55

Creating educator resources for online simulation-based pedagogies in tourism and hospitality
Pierre Benckendorff (University of Queensland), Gui Lohmann (Griffith University), Marlene A. Pratt (Griffith University), Paul A. Whitelaw (William Angliss Institute), Paul Strickland (La Trobe University), Paul Reynolds (University of South Australia) p67

We’ve been coming here for ever: Familiar places and familiar tourists
David Bowen, Jackie Clarke (Oxford Brookes University) p79

Generating first time visiting consumer website traffic: A live case study
Leonie Cassidy, John Hamilton, SingWhat Tee (James Cook University) p88

Causal attribution of negative tourism incidents: the interaction of loyalty, situational factors, and their effects
Suh-hee Choi (Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao), Liping A. Cai (Purdue University) p101

In search of destination brand image: identifying favourable, strong, and unique destination brand associations
Suh-hee Choi (Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao), Liping A. Cai (Purdue University) p113

The role of consumption values in the destination decision- making process
Chaminda Dassanayake, Anne Zahra, Jenny Cave (University of Waikato) p123

Neo-colonialism and the volunteer tourist gaze: Commercial volunteer tourism in Cusco, Peru
Jane Godfrey, Stephen Wearing, Nico Schulenkorf (University of Technology, Sydney) p135

Sustainable tourism in Canada’s north. A case study of frontiers north adventures
Sonya Graci (Ryerson University) p144

What drives trip cancellations when a disaster hits?
Homa Hajibaba (University of Wollongong), Sara Dolnicar (University of Queensland) p155

A comparative importance-performance analysis of hotel employees’ perception of organizational diversity
Aaron Hsiao (James Cook University), Emily Ma (Griffith University), Chris Auld (Griffith University) p165

Could climate change redistribute global tourism activity by impacting trip satisfaction?
Diane Jarvis (James Cook University) p178

Who pays to view wildflowers in South Africa, and why?
Martinette Kruger, Armand Viljoen, Melville Saayman (North West University) p191

Identifying and measuring hospitableness
Conrad Lashley (Stenden University of Applied Sciences) p210

Innovation as a driver of performance in the Australian restaurant industry
Craig Lee, Shruti R. Sardeshmukh, Rob Hallak (University of South Australia) p224

Documenting Chinese tourists’ motivation patterns
Hanliang Li (Zhejiang University), Philip L. Pearce (James Cook University), Lingqiang Zhou (Zhejiang University) p235

Life’s a beach? European students’ travel motivations while studying in Australia
Sabine Muschter, Mieke Witsel (Southern Cross University) p247

Applying Flyvbjerg’s phronetic social science questions to tourism humour studies
Anja Pabel, Philip L. Pearce (James Cook University) p260

Homestays, jungle temples and village tours: a longitudinal ethnographic study of community-based tourism at Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia
Simon A. Pawson (Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School) p270

Thinking beyond the local community: The impacts of sea turtle ecotourism between two fishing villages in Brazil
Fernanda de Vasconcellos Pegas (Griffith University) p284

Accounting the blue planet in tourism: Undersea and the opportunity for inclusive approaches to knowledge production
Felicity Picken (University of Western Sydney) p293

A conceptual framework to link corporate social responsibility and climate change strategies in tourism to build community adaptive capacity
Putu Indah Rahmawati, Terry DeLacy, Min Jiang (Victoria University) p302

Stakeholder attitudes and responses to visitor vandalism: A comparative view from South East Asia
Bhati Abhishek Dalip Singh, Robyn Anderson (James Cook University, Singapore) p314

Destination China: Students’ and graduates’ reflections on attributes needed by Chinese graduates of Australian tourism and hospitality degrees
Katrine Biering Sonnenschein, Raymond Hibbins, Michelle Barker (Griffith University) p328

Strategic behaviour of small, micro and medium tourism enterprises in South Africa: Towards economic resilience in tourism destinations
Dimitri Tassiopoulos (Human Sciences Research Council; Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University) p339

Understanding the spectrum of soft and hard ecotourists
Mizuki Yamasaki, Alison Dunn (University of Tasmania) p353

The evolution of visiting friends and relatives (VFR) travel research: A content analysis
Mohammad Yousuf, Elisa Backer (Federation University) p363

Working papers

Papers are listed alphabetically by first author surname

Please email CAUTHE secretariat for a copy of the paper(s) you  require.

Genome tourism: A journey towards self
Barkathunnisha Abu Bakar, Diane Lee, Eji Divakar, Dave Cooper (Murdoch University) p377

Lessons learnt from a Delphi study on community resilience to long-term structural change
Alexandra Bec (Southern Cross University), Brent Moyle (Griffith University), Char-lee McLennan (Griffith University) p381

Positioning Okinawa as a safe tourism destination: A destination recovery strategy in response to the March 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami
David Beirman (University of Technology, Sydney) p385

The social and economic impacts of an ecotourism joint venture on local communities: A Rwandan case study
Rosemary Black (Charles Sturt University) p390

Tourism academics and sustainability education: The influence of a lecturer’s worldview
Andrea Boyle, Erica Wilson, Kay Dimmock (Southern Cross University) p394

Chef leadership: An exploratory study
Matt Brenner, Richard Robinson, David Solnet (University of Queensland) p398

The equestrian tourismscape: Cooperation and conflict in Germany
Anne Buchmann (University of Newcastle) p401

The future luxury hotel room: Experts’ views on memorable guest experience generators
Jorn Buhring, Barry O’Mahony, John Dalrymple (Swinburne University of Technology) p405

Freedom camping: Is it changing the face of caravanning in Australia
Rodney W. Caldicott (Southern Cross University), Alana Harris (William Angliss Institute) p409

Action research: Tourism education – adaptation and innovation
Leone Cameron-Tucker (University of the Sunshine Coast) p414

Untold stories: Participatory approaches in tourism research
Antonia Canosa (Southern Cross University) p420

The two Larrys of Logan county: A prairie dog paradox
Deborah Che (Southern Cross University), Ted Cable (Kansas State University) p423

Examining service shortfalls using expectation and performance: the case of Chinese group package tours in Australia
Hanyu Chen, Betty Weiler, Martin Young (Southern Cross University) p428

Wellbeing from mindful encounters with nature
I-Ling (Lynn) Chen (University of Queensland), Noel Scott (Griffith University), Pierre Benckendorff (University of Queensland) p432

Educating tourism students to have a sustainable mindset: A study into how universities can develop students’ capabilities to have more complex understandings of sustainability
Debbie Cotterell, Charles Arcodia (Griffith University) p436

A longitudinal study of wellbeing in charity challenge participants
Alexandra Coghlan (Griffith University), Anthony Venning (University of Adelaide) p440

Follow the leader: The influence of leadership on a destination brand network
Natasha Cox, Sarah Gardiner (Griffith University) p444

Rural rubber tourism: Assessing growers’ perceptions of potential
Frank Niranjan (Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy), Glen Croy (Monash University) p448

Contemporary and conventional motivation of wine tourism travellers in china: An exploratory case study of Yunnan province, China
Bob (Yichen) Duan, Charles Arcodia, Emily (Jinato) Ma (Griffith University) p452

Power, conflict and sustainability in common pool resource tourist destinations
Sarah Duffy, Larry Dwyer (University of New South Wales) p457

Glacier tourism and climate change in Westland Tai Poutini National Park: Is the visitor experience shrinking with the ice?
Stephen Espiner (Lincoln University), Jude Wilson (Lincoln University), Emma Stewart (Lincoln University), Heather Purdie (University of Canterbury) p461

The wider economic benefits of air transport: A critical review
Peter Forsyth (Monash University, Southern Cross University) p467

‘It’s not all beer and skittles’: An exploratory analysis of the characteristics and motivations of beer festival visitors
Joanna Fountain, Greg Ryan (Lincoln University) p471

Using emotions to understand visitors’ off trail behaviour in national parks
Edmund Goh (Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School) p475

American couples who travel internationally and watch birds: An exploration of their practices and attitudes to each other, birdwatching and travel
Denise Goodfellow (Southern Cross University) p479

Third culture relationships formed in volunteer tourism encounters
Simone Grabowski, Stephen Wearing, Jennie Small (University of Technology, Sydney) p483

Consumer protection as essential to destination competitiveness
Verity Greenwood (Macquarie University), Larry Dwyer (University of New South Wales) p486

Sea changer shadows in the sunshine: Community response to widowhood migration on the NSW mid north coast, Australia
Verity Greenwood (Macquarie University) p489

Climate change, public rhetoric and discursive sensibilities: Implications for tourism
Paul Hanna, Caroline Scarles (University of Surrey) p494

Re-examining stakeholder group specificity in the Bay of Fires and Tarkine regions in Tasmania
Anne Hardy (University of Tasmania), Leonie Pearson (University of Canberra) p497

Forging friendships on a study tour abroad
Alana Harris, Effie Lagos (William Angliss Institute) p500

Assessing visitors’ place attachment towards tourism attractions
Li He (Victoria University), Leonie Lockstone-Binney (Victoria University), Sebastian Filep (University of Otago) p505

Climate change, aviation and the attitude-behaviour chasm 510
James Higham (University of Otago), Arianne Reis (Southern Cross University), Scott Cohen (University of Surrey)

What does quality of life mean to locals employed in the tourism industry? A case study of Ubud, Bali
Peita Hillman (International College of Management, Sydney; Southern Cross University), Brent Moyle (Griffith University), Betty Weiler (Southern Cross University) p514

Excursions on the road less travelled: Disability and tourism
Wendy Hillman (Central Queensland University) p518

Making places through sport tourism events: The case of the Canadian death race
Thomas Hinch, Nick Holt, Stacy-Lynn Sant (University of Alberta) p522

Tourism and the restorative process: Decolonisation, deep listening, and dethinking
Keith Hollinshead (University of Bedfordshire) p525

Events as living bodies of knowledge: The presentation of peoples and place under the tides of liquid modernity
Keith Hollinshead (University of Bedfordshire) p528

Tourism studies out-of-sight and out-of-mind: Knowing the limits of our collective acts of will
Keith Hollinshead (University of Bedfordshire) p531

Interpreting Australian landscapes for Chinese visitors
Karen Hughes, Isabella Ye (University of Queensland) p534

Growth and evolution of multilateral tourism networks: The case of east Asia between 1994 and 2014
Yirang Im, Tomoyuki Furutani (Keio University) p537

The quality of ethnic restaurant experience: How do consumers experience traditional versus fusion ethnic restaurants?
Sumi Ingerson, Aise Kim (University of South Australia) p543

Governance for tourism: Investigating the application of adaptive co-management – a conceptual paper
Md Wasiul Islam, Lisa Ruhanen (University of Queensland) p547

Identifying the drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction: Chinese visitors to Australia
Leo Jago (University of Surrey), Margaret Deery (University of Surrey), Justin Marshall (Tourism Research Australia), Ben Pang (Tourism Research Australia) p551

Sea changes – climate change Malta and the Mediterranean: anecdotally speaking
Andrew Jones (University of Malta) p556

Career intentions of students studying tourism and hospitality in Japan
Sho Kashiwagi (Tokai University Fukuoka Junior College) p559

Hospitality in hospitals: Who cares?
Rosalind Kelly (Auckland Institute of Studies; Auckland University of Technology) p563

Did Glasgow outshine its own event? How were the 2014 Commonwealth games received in Australian print media?
Millicent Kennelly (Griffith University) p566

An examination of customers’ adoption of restaurant search mobile applications
Hui Bai, Peter B. Kim (Auckland University of Technology) p571

The role of intangible cultural heritage in motivating cultural tourists
Soojung Kim, Charles Arcodia (Griffith University) p575

Non-participating entourage: The forgotten crowd in event management research?
Matthew Lamont (Southern Cross University), Millicent Kennelly (Griffith University), Brent Moyle (Griffith University) p580

What makes a tourist experience interesting?
Svein Larsen (University of Bergen/University of Stavanger, Norwegian School of Hotel Management), Rouven Doran (University of Bergen), Katharina Wolff (University of Bergen) p583

Green economy indicators for water efficiency in tourism destinations
Alexandra Law, Terry DeLacy (Victoria University) p586

The role of the haptic property in new menu item acceptance
Bella S. H. Lee, Andy Lee (University of Queensland) p590

Beyond the bet – exploring the relationship between Australian thoroughbred horse racing attractions and visitor life-course transition
Michael A. Lee, Matthew Nicholson (La Trobe University) p593

Exploring travel risks in the natural disaster context: A domestic tourist perspective
Sari Lenggogeni, Lee Slaughter, Brent W. Ritchie (University of Queensland) p597

Innovative techniques for measuring emotion in tourists’ decision making processes and experiences
Shanshi Li (University of Queensland), Gabby Walters (University of Queensland), Jan Packer (University of Queensland), Noel Scott (Griffith University) p602

The relationship between E-HRM and employees’ behaviour
Sheng (David) Liu, Richard Robinson, Hee (Andy) Lee (University of Queensland) p606

The future of nature based recreation and tourism: Negotiating the involvement of children, adolescents and young people
Brent Lovelock (University of Otago), Trudie Walters (University of Otago), Carla Jellum (Central Washington University), Anna Thompson-Carr (University of Otago) p610

Wildlife tourists’experiences at Pilanesberg national park, South Africa: implications for management of national parks
Haretsebe Manwa (North West University) p614

Ethical and sustainability dimensions of foodservice in Australian ecotourism businesses
Kevin Markwell (Southern Cross University), David Fennell (Brock University) p618

What does it mean to be a child safe traveller? Examining tourist awareness and understanding of child safe tourism
Amie Matthews (University of Western Sydney) p619

Institutional lock-in: The impact of the Maranoa regional council amalgamation on tourism
Char-lee McLennan, Brent Moyle (Griffith University) p623

Authorship concentration in tourism and hospitality journals
Bob McKercher (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) p626

Riding the soundwave: Adaptation and innovation in cruise entertainment and musician management
Annie Mitchell (Southern Cross University) p629

Evaluating the ancestral tourism market
Samantha Murdy, Matthew Alexander, Derek Bryce (University of Strathclyde) p634

Exploring the impact of language on risk reduction strategies: A study of Asian working holiday makers in Australia
Hayato Nagai, Pierre Benckendorff, Aaron Tkaczynski (University of Queensland) p638

Customer value attributes in restaurant dining experience: Scale development and validation
Ben Nemeschansky (Auckland University of Technology), Tania von der Heidt (Southern Cross University), Peter B Kim (Auckland University of Technology) p642

Tourism destination competitiveness: Proposing a framework for measurement
Margarida Abreu Novais (University of Queensland), Lisa Ruhanen (University of Queensland), Charles Arcodia (Griffith University) p647

What rules? Local government land use decision-making for events in NSW
Garry O’Dell (University of Newcastle) p651

A review of Australian tourism education studies: 2001–2014
Yohei Okamoto, Diane Lee, Anne Price (Murdoch University) p657

Mapping patterns between experience dimensions for mainland Chinese visitors: a case of ‘traversed’ versus ‘novice’ in Australia’s wet tropics
Amy Osmond (James Cook University) p663

Redefining national identity: The case of Peruvian gastronomy
Sandra Guisela Cherro Osorio, Elspeth Frew, Kim Williams (La Trobe University) p667

Sport tourists’ motivation, sport identity, place dependence, satisfaction and revisit intentions: the case of IWC 2012
Girash Prayag (University of Canterbury), Elsa Grivel (SKEMA Business School) p670

Mentoring for graduate knowledge and career advancement
Rajka Presbury, Kris Iyer, Janette Illingsworth (Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School) p674

The great barrier reef: A profile of tourism use patterns and visitors’ concerns
Bruce Prideaux, Michelle Thompson, Louisa Lee (James Cook University) p678

Australian indigenous tourism business success: Two cases for hybridity
Kylie Radel (Central Queensland University) p682

Strategies for minimising the impacts of climate change on beach recreation and tourism values
Michael Raybould (Bond University), David Anning (Griffith University), Liz Fredline (Griffith University), Dan Ware (Griffith University) p686

The role of local food in restaurants
Hiran Roy, Colin Michael Hall, Paul Ballantine (University of Canterbury) p690

The staff break room as an oasis: Emotional labour, restorative environments and employee wellbeing in the hospitality industry
Hiro Saito, Gemma Irving, Jan Packer, David Solnet (University of Queensland) p694

Cutting edge digital immersion for experiential learning
Christian Schott (Victoria University of Wellington), Alan Proctor Thomson (Technobabble), Stephen Marshall (Victoria University of Wellington) p697

A professional chef’s reflections on the impact of kitchen technology on the relevance of culinary education: Craft skills versus soft skills
David Sherlock (Auckland University of Technology) p700

Examining the relationships between marine tourism and marine protection in Akaroa, New Zealand
Michael Shone (Lincoln University), Jacqueline Rose (Lincoln University), Stephen Espiner (Lincoln University), Suky Thompson (Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust), Emma Stewart (Lincoln University) p704

Understanding the relationship between motivations and experiences of older Australian travellers through educational tourism
Lintje Sie, Ian Patterson (University of Queensland) p708

The older flight attendant: Treasured or dreaded?
Jennifer Small (University of Technology, Sydney), Candice Harris (Auckland University of Technology) p713

‘The best job in the world’? Tourism youth employment experiences
David Solnet, Richard Robinson, Maria Golubovskaya, Chelsea Bell, Alison Poulsen (University of Queensland) p717

Authentic learning, assessment, and the work-ready student: A case study of an undergraduate tourism marketing course
Paul Stolk, Jo Hanley (University of Newcastle) p722

Impacts of service innovation in the Australian luxury hotel sector
Juliet Tan (Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School) p726

The ubiquitous tide of uber: Disruptive innovation in tourism and hospitality 729
Aaron Tham (University of the Sunshine Coast)

“We’ll be back”: Visitor experiences of ecotourism, conservation and nature in southern New Zealand
Anna Thompson-Carr, Sze-En Lau (University of Otago) p737

Neoleaders: Keeping afloat in rising tides segmentation of attendees to a Christian leadership conference
Aaron Tkaczynski (University of Queensland) p742

A people-centred approach to destination planning and management: A paradigm shift toward sustainable development
Hoai-Nam Vu, Rob Hales, Charles Arcodia, Lisa Beesley-de Andrade (Griffith University) 745

Captive wildlife tourism: Identifying and linking participants’ environmental behavioural outcomes with perceived experiential benefits and personal values
Kaye Walker (Southern Cross University) p749

A market positioning approach to university: Industry collaboration in tourism
Gabby Walters, Lisa Ruhanen (University of Queensland) p754

Sensationalist media reporting of tourism disasters: Implications for destination managers
Gabby Walters, Judith Mair (University of Queensland) p758

The elephant in the room: The accidental prostitution of hospitality service workers
Beth Waudby, Jill Poulston (Auckland University of Technology) p761

The monster under the bed? Insights from a comparison of online and face to face modes of teaching a problem-based undergraduate tourism unit
Brian Weir (University of Canberra), Naomi Dale (University of Canberra), Marg Deery (Curtin University) p766

The motor museum of popular culture: Presenting the national story of ‘Australia’s own car’
Leanne White (Victoria University) p771

Measuring the success of tourism and events Queensland’s “instameet” campaign
Darryl P. Woodford, Katie Prowd (Queensland University of Technology) p775

Asian women, solo travel: A conceptual framework of risk in the gendered and cultured tourism context
Elaine Yang, Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore, Charles Arcodia (Griffith University) p781

Social media and destination marketing: Revisiting the circle of representation in destination imagery
Elle Frohloff, Tamara Young (University of Newcastle) p785

Information sources for travel decisions: Use of internet vs other information by the Chinese student market
Manli Zhu, Betty Weiller, Martin Young, Yun-Lok Lee (Southern Cross University) p789

Enclave resort tourism in Maldives: Destination development and resistance to change
Shahida Zubair (Island Organics, Maldives), David Bowen, Levent Altinay (Oxford Brookes University) p793

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