Academic Integrity Research Respondents Required: Your chance to win up to $500

As a fellow member of the CAUTHE Community, I am writing to seek your support for an OLT funded project in which I am involved.  I would be very grateful if you can spare the time to read the text below and do the 15 minute survey.


Dear time poor but conscientious colleagues,

Academic Integrity and one of its negative aspects, plagiarism, is a problem that seems to be getting worse.  Here is your chance to help us do something about this.

We are investigating how you, as a busy person, deals with Academic Integrity and how to best provide you with ready-made, useful strategies and resources that can address plagiarism without adding to your workload. We know that the education, detection and prosecution of Academic Integrity breaches is very time consuming and so we ask you to invest 5 minutes for the short survey OR 15 minutes if you are interested enough to give us more precise information.

As an added incentive, there are 5 x $100 gift vouchers to be won.

Given that the silly season is over and you are firing up to get ready for Semester 1, we are hoping you will have time to complete the survey now. However, we will keep it open until 2 April.  But, please don’t put it off, do it as soon as you can.

We very much hope that you can find 15 minutes during this period to ensure that your voice is heard.

A plain English statement about the research is available on the project website for your reference.

Please click on one of the links below to the survey to let us know your thoughts on Academic Integrity and plagiarism.

We thank you in advance.
Paul Whitelaw, Victoria University (Project Co-Chief Investigator)
Fiona Henderson, Victoria University (Project Leader)
Brian Zammit, Victoria University
Alan Calder, James Cook University
Judy Maxwell, RMIT
Dianne Dredge, Southern Cross University
Michele Fleming, University of Canberra
Jo Caffery, University of Canberra
Pierre Benckendorff, University of Queensland