Survey of Experts on the Future of Event Management Education

Invitation to contribute to a research project

Principal Investigators: Prof Donald Getz & Dr Mathilda van Niekerk

The purpose of this study is to identify trends in event management education and to assist in the development of future Event Management curriculum.  The results will be presented as a keynote address at the International Conference for Events (ICE 2017) Orlando (Rosen College of Hospitality Management) 12-14 December 2017.

We will also share the results through a paper and presentation to the conference, and to all respondents upon request. This study involves a questionnaire that takes only 10 minutes maximum to complete. We hope to obtain input from event educators, researchers, graduate students, practitioners, policy makers – anyone with a special interest in event management education.

This is an anonymous survey, although we ask for some profile data, and you can opt to provide your email addresses if you want to engage in discussion and/or receive results directly.

Please go to this address and start! 

Thank you,

Donald Getz and Mathilda Van Niekerk
October, 2017