Conference Proceedings 2012


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Index to proceedings

Volume 1 Full Papers

What tourists want to know: An analysis of questions asked at visitor information centres
de Ascaniis, Silvia; Gretzel, Ulrike; Mistilis, Nina p16

Tourist destination branding and brand image development: Stakeholders’ perception Southland Region, New Zealand-case study
Ashton, Ann Suwaree; Scott, Noel p29

Partial industrialisation in tourism: Modelling Ballarat
Backer, Elisa; Barry, Brooke p42

Understanding corporate social responsibility in small and medium tourism businesses
Barton, Christina; Schlenker, Katie; Edwards, Deborah p61

Family business and rural tourism: A New Zealand study
Bensemann, Jo p79

Don’t talk to the computer – Preparing hospitality students to multitask
Cameron, Ann p94

Critical success factors of economic crisis management: A case study of Phuket hotels
Campiranon, Kom p104

The relationship between the sufficiency economy philosophy application and the business survival for tourism industry in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chartrungruang, Bung-On p118

Mapping spatial tourism clusters: A case study of Victoria, Australia
Chhetri, Anjali; Arrowsmith, Colin; Chhetri, Prem; Corcoran, Jonathan p135

Crises, conundrums and curricula: A new golden age for tourism, hospitality and event management education?
Dredge, Dianne; Benckendorff, Pierre; Day, Michele; Gross, Michael; Walo, Maree; Weeks, Paul; Whitelaw, Paul p154

Research, reflexivity and community case studies in tourism: Implications of the new age of public management in higher education tourism research
Dredge, Dianne; Hales, Robert p173

Building resilience: Bundling tourism experiences around anchor activities
Farr-Wharton, Benjamin; Brown, Kerry; Dick, Thomas; Peterson, Danielle p191

Co-creating customer value of an experience for tourists
Gao, Lihua; Scott, Noel; Ding, Peiyi p204

Governance and tourism policy in Papua New Guinea (PNG) – An evaluation
Guaigu, Grace; Prideaux, Bruce; Pryce, Josephine p216

Preceding factors in joining a social network: The case of Sunbird Caravanners in Northern Australia
Harris, Alana p230

Concept mapping: Understanding indigenous tourist accommodation businesses in Iran
Hassanli, Najmeh; Brown, Graham; Gross, Michael J p243

Future timelines for the extinction and adoption of new technology in hotels with particular reference to the future use of service and sexual service robots: A manager’s perspective
Hay, Brian p255

Family vs non-family owned enterprises in tourism: Examining business owners’ commitment to their town
Hallak, Rob; Assaker, Guy p267

Indigenous social tourism in a neoliberal state: An exploratory study of Aboriginal Hostels Limited
Higgins-Desbiolles, Freya; Mian, Azmiri p278

Perceptions of travel and risk in journeys around Australia
Hillman, Wendy; Radel, Kylie p293

Australian residents’ perceptions of China as a tourist destination
Huang, Songshan (Sam); Sun, Xuhua (Michael) p306

The relationship of restaurant servers’ tip size with work hours and job satisfaction
Kim, BeomCheol (Peter); Nemeschansky, Ben; Brandt, Lothar p321

Does nationality really matter?: From the film-tourism experience perspective
Kim, Sangkyun p332

Stories, characters, locations, aesthetic effects and tourist experiences: Examining film-tourism experiences at a TV drama set
Kim, Sangkyun

Magic, myth and make-believe: Fictional children’s stories and imagining travel
Laing, Jennifer; Frost, Warwick p368

Multiple retail manager development in a regional pub company
Lashley, Conrad p380

Korean package tourists’ perceived destination image towards Australia
Hong Chul, Lee; Gross, Michael J p396

Toward a conceptual framework for web-based self-service technology adoption in the hospitality industry
Lee, Louisa YS; Tsang, Nelson KF p414

An empowerment approach of indigenous ecotourism in a Mayan community in Mexico
Mendoza-Ramos, Adrian; Prideaux, Bruce p429

The semantic web and tourism: Context based services
Mistilis, Nina; Buhalis, Dimitrios p442

Improving the utility of tourism scenario analysis: A spoonful of theory helps the medicine go down
Moriarty, John P p454

Tourism entrepreneurship: Ways of knowing
Morrison, Alison; Skokic, Vlatka p468

Mystery shopping as an indicator of quality: The comparison of Perth hotels
Ogle, Alfred; Rowe, Michelle; Coates-Erkan, Jill p469

Doing good business – Success factors for an Indigenous Australian tourism enterprise
Radel, Kylie p478

Journeys of non-arrival: Survival escapist travel as a response to trauma
Radel, Kylie; Hillman, Wendy p497

Family perspectives on food whilst on holiday
Schanzel, Heike A; Lynch, Paul A p508

The future of families’ tourism: A cognitive mapping perspective
Schanzel, Heike A; Yeoman, Ian p522

Build it, but will they come? Investigating the Australian tourists’ risk perceptions and attitudes towards the UAE
Sharifpour, Mona; Walters, Gabrielle; Ritchie, Brent p544

Volunteer expectations and experiences in the build-up to a mega event: Rugby World Cup 2011
Smith, Karen A; Wolf, Natalie p558

Volunteer tourism: Researcher reflexivity and the unlocking of alternative perspectives
Taplin, Jessica p573

Segmenting visitors to tropical North Queensland by travel motives
Thompson, Michelle; Prideaux, Bruce p590

Tourism in the New Golden Age: An application of two-step cluster analysis to French residents’ interest in Norweigian nature-based tourism
Tkaczynsk, Aaron; Prebensen, Nina K p606

Tiger Airways Australia : An uncertain future in crowded low cost/low fare market
Whyte, Randall; Prideaux, Bruce p611

War and wine: A research agenda for battlefield hospitality
Winter, Caroline p613

The impact of destination personality dimensions on destination brand attractiveness: Australia as a case study
Sheng, Ye p624

New Zealand 2050: Scenarios of the future
Yeoman, Ian; Lunn, Michelle p635

The New Green Age: Carbon mitigation by Queensland tourism enterprises
Zeppel, Heather; Beaumont, Narelle p651

Volume 2 Working Papers

Preserving culture or destination branding?: World heritage status for Tana Toraja
Abe, Yoshi p13

Exploring destination identity and destination image in the new age of tourism: A case study of brand Bali
Aksari, Ni Made Asti; Hede, Anne-Marie; Burgess, Stephen p18

Service blueprinting as a tool in visitor management assessment and planning
Albrecht, Julia N p22

Tourism field studies: Experiencing the carnival of Venice
Arcodia, Charles; Dickson, Chantal p26

Muslim women tourist behaviour: The spiritual gaze
Asbollah, Asra Zaliza; Michael, Ewen J; Lade, Clare p43

Crises once removed: A study of the impact of the Libyan crisis on Malta, April 2011
Bau, Tom; Ritchie, Brent; McMullan, Caroline p48

Picking o’er the bones: A postmortem on hospitality management education (dob 1893)
Baum, Tom p53

The development of a trans-national tourism risk, crisis and recovery management network case study: Establishment of the Pacific Asia Travel Association’s Rapid Response Taskforce
Beirman, David p56

In the eye of the beholder: Street art, landscape, and the tourist gaze refocused
Best, Gary p61

An investigatory analysis of the main motivational dimensions of audiences at ethnic minority cultural festivals
Brown, Steve; Savinovic, Ana; Kim, Sangkyun p66

Nutritional labelling on restaurant menus
Byars, Rachel; Casey, Brigid; McConnell, Christine; Shailaj, Anupam p72

Educating Gen Y: The new golden age of action research
Cameron, Leone p78

From place attachment to word-of-mouth behaviour: A tourism destination perspective
Chen, Ning; Firth, Tracey p83

The shock of the new – visitor experiences of nascent tourism in colonial Victoria, 1834-1870
Clark, Ian D p89

The development of responsible tourism practices in Mongolia through social and cultural interactions
Villacruz, Nazaretha Cortez p105

Adoption of ecolabels by the tourism industry in Australia: Applying the diffusion of innovations theory
MJ (Minjuan), Deng-Westphal; Beeton, Sue; Anderson, Alastair  p126

Travelling with food intolerances: An exploratory study
Derham, Jessica; Frost, Warwick; Melsen, Lisa p132

Survey questions measuring destination image – The good, the bad and the ugly
Dolnicar, Sara; Grun, Bettina; Rossiter, John R p137

Migration impacts on Australian inbound and outbound VFR and total tourism flows
Dwyer, Larry; Seetaram, Neelu; Forsyth, Peter; King, Brian p141

Tourist pathways in cities: Providing insights into tourists spatial behaviour
Edwards, Deborah; Griffin, Tony p145

Tourism stakeholder awareness of climate change and energy scarcity scenarios for protected areas: A case study of the Glaciers, Westland National Park, New Zealand
Espiner, Stephen; Becken, Susanne; Wilson, Jude p148

The golden age of hysteria, nervousness and travelling for wellbeing
van den Eynde, Alison; Fisher, Adrian p153

Excellence legacy: Fringe festival awards and accolades
Frew, Elspeth A; Knight, Jane Ali p158

Mobile ethnography as a new research tool for customer-driven destination management – A case study of applied service design in St. Anton, Austria
Frischhut, Birgit; Stickdorn, Marc; Zehrer, Anita p161

Creating a new “Golden Age” for domestic travel in Australia: A generational perspective
Gardiner, Sarah; King, Ceridwyn; Grace, Debra; Fairley, Sheranne p168

Getting involved: ‘Foodies’ and food tourism
Robinson, Richard NS; Getz, Donald p176

From backpacking to volunteer tourism: Exploring the changing role of adventure
Godfrey, Jane p183

Can volunteer tourism be more than just the successful commodification of altruism?
Godfrey, Jane; Wearing, Stephen p188

Personal growth through volunteer tourism
Grabowski, Simone p193

Travel information search behaviour of digital natives
Gretzel, Ulrike; Eden, Heather Kennedy; Mistilis, Nina p198

An exploration of tourist way finding in Sydney
Griffin, Tony; Edwards, Deborah; Jenkins, Olivia p202

The linkages between tourism and handicraft into value chain analysis for rural poverty alleviation: Case study of Setiu Wetland, Malaysia
Halim, Norhazliza; Sofield, Trevor p207

Cultural cushion perspective revisited: The moderating role of perceived cultural distance on interactional fairness and tourist satisfaction
Haobin, Ben Ye; Qiu, Hanqin Zhang; Yuen, Peter P p212

Online neo-tribes: Exploring recreational vehicle users in the USA and Australia
Hardy, Anne; Gretzel, Ulrike; Hanson, Dallas p218

Political intervention in a national tourism event: The politics of homecoming Scotland
Hay, Brian; Morrison, Alison p222

Abandon hope: The importance of remaining critical
Desbiolles, Freya Higgins; Whyte, Kyle Powys; Mian, Azmiri p227

Indigenous social tourism in a neoliberal state: An exploratory study of Aboriginal Hostels Limited
Mian, Azmiri; Desbiolles, Freya Higgins p232

Tourism as a coding machine: The imaginative reach of tourism studies – Beyond interdisciplinarity
Hollinshead, Keith p246

Probing polyphony bricoleurship and the open play of reflection and reflexivity
Hollinshead, Keith p252

The new promise for indigenous being and becoming: Tourism, the renewal of land and the regeneration of life
Hollinshead, Keith p257

Perceptions of tourism as a career option for young people in regional Western Australia
Holmes, Kirsten; Britten, Naomi; Rubzen, Fay Rola; Dayaram, Kandy; Fung, Lucia p261

Collaboration in the new golden age: A Canadian network for tourism and hospitality education
Hood, Terry p265

The roles of entrepreneurs’ political ties: Indications from economy hotel chains in China
Hsu, Cathy HC; Liu, Zhaoping (George); Huang, Songshan (Sam) p268

Residents’ attitudes towards mainland Chinese tourists in Hong Kong
Shen, Huawen; Zhang, Hanqin Qiu; Ren, Lianping p273

Designing interpretation for Chinese and Western visitors: Different strokes for different folks?
Ballantyne, Roy; Ding, Peiyi; Lui, Dake p278

Tourism and the mining boom: Golden age, or golden shower?
Hughes, Michael p282

A new concept for the revival of tourism in a historic city: The case of the old city of Nazareth
Israeli, Yechezkel p289

A theoretical framework for business events: The role of business events in innovation and knowledge creation
Jago, Leo; Deery, Margaret p294

Tourism and volunteering: Giving back – The student experience
Jenkins, Hilary  p301

Impact of industrial clusters on mainland China’s exhibition destination development
Jin, Xin; Weber, Karin; Bauer, Thomas  p304

Corporate social responsibility as an agent for social change
Justenlund, Anders; Rebelo, Sofia p310

Greening the new golden age: A research agenda for exploring tourists’ environmental lifestyle and travel behaviours
Kachel, Ulrike p322

Was I born to shop? A comparison between Korean and Australia tourists in Thailand
Kattiyapornpong, Uraiporn; Miller, Kenneth E  p328

The importance of ‘bragging rights’ to tourism marketing
Kerr, Greg; Lewis, Clifford; Burgess, Lois p335

Environmental conservation behaviour for sustainable nature-based tourism: The role of a sense of personal responsibility
Kim, Aise KyoungJin p340

Tourism, the environment and sustainability: An exploration of Melanesian constitutions
Klint, Louise Munk p346

I wanted to see the pain on their faces: Sports tourists’ perceptions of authenticity at the 2011 Tour de France
Lamont, Matthew; McKay, Jim p356

Factors influencing the performance of community-based tourism in the semi-periphery of Vietnam: A resident perspective from Ta Van village
Le, Tuan-Anh; Weaver, David; Lawton, Laura p361

An analysis of Australian tourist’s perceptions of Malaysia as a tourist destination
Lee, Cindy Ker Hui; Richardson, Scott p367

Visitor profile of agricultural festivals in Texas, USA
Lee, Jenny (Jiyeon) p374

Approved destination status (ADS) inbound operators’ strategies for the quality assurance of Chinese market operation in New Zealand
Liu, Claire p381

A synthesis and analysis of research on visitors to public conservation areas in Australia and New Zealand 1995-2010
Lovelock, Brent p385

Stereotypes of backpackers A host gaze
Luo, Xianrong (Shari); Brown, Graham; Huang, Songshan (Sam) p389

Accommodation as attractions? A study of historical hotels in Fjord-Norway
Lyngnes, Solvi p392

Community-based tourism: Common conceptualisation or disagreement?
Mayaka, Melphon Angwenyi; Croy, Glen; Mayson, Susan p397

Influence ratio: An alternate means to assess the relative influence of hospitality and tourism journals on research
McKercher, Bob p403

Ecotourism’s potential to stage life changing experiences
Melissen, Frans p407

Accreditation on authenticity: Is it working? An exploratory study on Respect Our Cultures program certified tourism operators in Australia
Mian, Azmiri p419

Tourism types and labels
Moscardo, Gianna; Murphy, Laurie; Benckendorff, Pierre p424

Sustainability initiatives in destination communities: Do they matter to tourists?
Murphy, Laurie; Moscardo, Gianna p430

Integrating tourism into resilience-oriented adaptation and recovery – The case of Japan after the Tsunami 2011
Muskat, Birgit; Nakanishi, Hitomi; Blackman, Deborah p434

Backpacker travel and graduates’ future employability
Nash, Robert; Bruce, Fiona p440

Menu analysis – An Art or a Science? I know what my overall food cost is and I can calculate my gross profit so why should I spend any more time with the calculator?
Nemeschansky, Ben; Brandt, Lothar p447

The impact of mountain resort tourism development on ranching culture and identity within the Rocky Mountain West: A case study of Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Ooi, Natalie; Laing, Jennifer; Mair, Judith p454

How do hotels use social media? The case study of Twitter
Park, Eerang p458

Tipping in New Zealand restaurants: Does it help?
Pearson, Marcus p463

The corporatisation of backpacker accommodation: A new golden age?
Peel, Victoria; Steen, Adam p467

Multi-destination travel patterns of backpackers in Fiji: A new golden age for intra-regional tourism in the Pacific?
Jarvis, Jeff; Peel, Victoria p471

Hospitality: A labour of love
Poulston, Jill p475

Customer focused predictors of relationship quality in casual dining restaurants of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Prayag, Girish; Ekiz, Erdogan p479

Identifying casino patrons from the tourism market
Prentice, Catherine; Laesser, Christian p497

Gender differences in the outcomes of attending a future convention
Ramirez, Danielle; Laing, Jennifer; Mair, Judith p501

Exploring the role of national parks in the twenty-first century
Randle, Erica; Frost, Warwick; Melsen, Lisa p507

The unrealisable dream of sustainable tourism: Niue
Pforr, Christof; Reiser, Dirk p512

New frontiers for property investment: Tourism accommodation developments
Reid, Sacha p517

Community based tourism in Maraj Island – Brazil: Achieving a success story
Rodrigues, Cristina; Prideaux, Bruce p523

Understanding the roles of beliefs in consumers behavioural intention towards choice of ethnic restaurant Q
Rose, Kamarul; Sparks, Beverley; Patiar, Anoop p537

Conceptualising organisational resilience in destination management organizations
Scarpino, Michelle R; Gretzel, Ulrike p543

The Internationalisation process of the Jordanian tourism industry and the role of reputation management
Scherle, Nicolai; Pillmayer, Geogr Markus p549

Social media usage by Chinese community supported agriculture farms
Shao, Jun; Li, Zhao; Gretzel, Ulrike; Li, Xiong p553

Packing through the ages: Gender and age related behaviour around packing for conference travel
Small, Jennie; Harris, Candice p567

Marketing the film festival volunteer experience
Smith, Karen A; Pickering, Rachael p572

Reconsider your need to travel: Travel advisories and Australia’s relations with Asia
Sobocinska, Agnieszka p577

360 degrees of pressure: Dimensions of change in the role of human resource managers in the international hospitality industry
Solnet, David; Baum, Tom; Kralj, Anna p580

Measuring the impact of a departure tax on international tourism and the economy: A CGE approach
Forsyth, Peter; Hoque, Serajul; Dwyer, Larry; Spur, Ray; Pham, Tien Duc p585

The study motivations and study preferences of students from Bhutan majoring in hospitality and tourism management programs compared to other students from Asian nations
Strickland, Paul p589

The gross national happiness tourism model
Teoh, Simon p598

Advancing the understanding of electronic word of mouth influence in destination choice
Tham, Min (Aaron); Croy, Glen; Mair, Judith p604

The ‘new’ national parks – A case study of the Hakatere Conservation Park, New Zealand
Thompson, Anna; Lovelock, Brent; Kjeldsberg, Magnus; Reis, Arianne Carvalhedo; Jellum, Carla p609

Onsite or online? A comparison of data collection techniques at a Christian music festival
Tkaczynski, Aaron p613

Community-based tourism in Timor-Leste: Current status and future opportunities
Tolkach, Denis; King, Brian; Pearlman, Michael p618

Cross-cultural service encounter
Truong, Thuy-Huong p633

A future direction for tourism forecasting – Demand forecasting at the regional level
Turner, Lindsay W; Grundy, Yvonne Zhou p644

Tourist behaviour post disaster: The case of the Queensland floods
Walters, Gabby; Mair, Judith; Ritchie, Brent p649

Searching for the successful hospitality follower. A case study in followership
Wang, Pola; Cameron, Ann p653

Climate change and tourism: The response of the Maldives
Welton, Rachel p658

Selling the National story: Destination marketing and the Olympic Games opening ceremony
White, Leanne p662

Battlefield tourism and the tourism experience: The case of Culloden
Willard, Paul; Frost, Warwick; Lade, Clare p665

Architectural tourism: A case study of art deco destinations
Williams, Kim Marianne p671

Golden opportunities? A decade of exit interviews and turnover in the New Zealand hotel industry
Williamson, David; Harris, Candice; Matthews, Shelley; Parker, John p675

Finding peace in challenging times: Exploring the growing spiritual movement in tourism
Willson, Greg p685

Differences of destination choice criteria for day and overnight visitors
Riegler, Barbara; Wittmer, Andreas p699

The long-term benefits of business event tourism
Wrathall, Jeffrey p708

What matters: When FITs choose a hotel in Macau?
Yeung, Ruth MW; Yee, Wallace MS p712

Balancing measurement efficacy and user-friendliness: A comparison of three tourist segmentation approaches
Ying, Tianyu p720

Factors influencing behavioural intentions of island tourists: The case of Malaysia
Nguyen, Thu – Huong p725

Using wikis to promote authentic student collaborative inquiry in a postgraduate tourism course
Khoo, Elaine; Johnson, EMarcia; Zahra, Anne p731

Service quality performance: A study on service quality performance of private SMEs in tourism
Zehrer, Anita; Laesser, Christian p736

A comparative study of gambling visitors and non-gambling visitors from mainland China to Macao
Zeng, Zhonglu p742

Cultural interactions as components of the overall trip experience
Zins, Andreas H; Gnoth, Jurgen p753