ICT, disruptive technologies & the future

The ICT SIG is seeking to host a Technology stream at CAUTHE 2017 to complement the conference theme ‘Time for Big Ideas: Re-Thinking the Field for Tomorrow’.

The world has seen more technological change in the last 5 years than the previous 150 years and given the rate of exponential growth attributed to Moore’s Law it is difficult to imagine what the future could hold. The internet has moved from once being a military project to the essence of consumers’ and firms’ daily and business life. Michio Kaku in the book Physics of the Futures describes a world of brain computer interfaces in which we can move objects with thought power, everything that Google Glass aspires to be is now on a contact lens and haptic technologies means Elvis, the Beatles and Michael Jackson can be recreated in Las Vegas. The advent of human level artificial intelligence, the significance of augmented reality and the impact of driverless cars are only some examples of the numerous technological developments that will reshape the system of tourism.

We invite you to contribute your ideas and research in order to explore ICT, disruption and the future, in the form of a case study, a conceptual framework or empirical research – all about the technology of tomorrow and tourism from a demand, supply and/or industry/destination approach.

We look forward to your contribution to the Technology stream at CAUTHE 2017.

For further information about the track and advice on papers please do not hesitate to contact the SIG coordinators.