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Affiliate membership is available to an organisation which is affiliated with hospitality, tourism, events or related fields.

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An organisation which is affiliated with tourism, hospitality and events (TH&E) and related fields both within Australia, New Zealand and internationally. For example, an institution outside Australia and New Zealand, an industry body, a tourism or events organisation, a hospitality establishment or a publisher.


  • Networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Organisational listing on CAUTHE website
  • Up to date information via the biannual newsletter and regular member emails
  • Use of the email list and/or social media channels (as per CAUTHE’s communications policy) to share issues and promote TH&E or related events and information
  • Membership of national advocacy and voice for tourism, hospitality and events education and research
  • Participation (at no charge or discounted rates) at the Mid-year meeting, Special Interest Group and other workshops
  • Participation in TH&E Standards workshops
  • Free online access to the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management edited by Professor Marianna Sigala
  • Access to Members’ Only documents including past conference proceedings
  • Eligibility for individual members to apply for the annual PhD Scholar and Early Career Researcher conference bursaries


AU$350 per year +$35 GST (from 1-Jan-2024)