Fellow members

The Fellow members of CAUTHE are listed below.

Co-Chairs of the Fellows

Professor Bob McKercher

School of Business
The University of Queensland

Emeritus Professor Betty Weiler

Emeritus Faculty
Southern Cross University


  • Professor Margaret Deery

  • Professor Sara Dolnicar

    School of Tourism

    University of Queensland

  • Professor Larry Dwyer

    University of Technology Sydney

  • Professor Candice Harris

    Department of Management

    AUT University

  • Professor Perry Hobson

    Sunway University (Malaysia)

  • Emeritus Professor Leo Jago

    School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

    University of Surrey

  • Professor Brian King

    School of Hotel & Tourism Management

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • Associate Professor Judith Mair

    UQ Business School

    University of Queensland

  • Professor Bruce Prideaux

    Central Queensland University

  • Professor Brent Ritchie

    School of Tourism

    University of Queensland

  • Professor Elizabeth Roberts

    School of Business and Tourism

    Southern Cross University

  • Professor Noel Scott

    Sustainable Research Centre

    University of the Sunshine Coast

  • Professor Marianna Sigala

    Department of Business

    University of Piraeus

  • Emeritus Professor David Simmons

    Social Science, Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Sport

    Lincoln University

  • Dr Jennifer Small

    Management Discipline Group

    University of Technology Sydney

Honorary Fellows

Emeritus Professor David Airey

School of Hospitality, Tourism andManagement
University of Surrey

Professor Haiyan Song

School of Hotel and Tourism Management
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Emeritus, Retired and Late Fellows

Professor Geoffrey Crouch – Retired
Professor Stephen Craig-Smith – Emeritus
Ms Jenny Davies – Emeritus
Professor Philip Pearce – Late
Professor Beverley Sparks – Emeritus