2024 Annual General Meeting

The 2024 Annual General Meeting of CAUTHE was held at 9:00 (AEDT) on Friday 9 February 2024 in the in the Ian Potter Recital Hall, 1st Floor, The Hedberg, University of Tasmania.

Reports will be available by 2-Feb-2024.


  1. 2024 CAUTHE Annual General Meeting minutes

Agenda and papers

  1. 2024 CAUTHE Annual General Meeting agenda
  2. 2023 CAUTHE Annual General Meeting minutes
  3. Treasurer’s report year ending 2023
  4. Membership & social media report
  5. CAUTHE 2025 Conference bid
  6. PhD/ECR Workshops and mentoring program report
  7. Special Interest Group report
  8. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management (JHTM): Journal report  | Social Media report

The AGM will be followed at 10:30 (AEDT) by the Chapter Director meeting for voting of the 2024 Executive committee office-bearer positions. Nominations close on Wed-1-February.

  1. 2024 Agenda Meeting of Directors agenda